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After 2 times at Camping World se should have learned. But 3 is a charm.

These folks who run Camping World are decieving,misleading,and participating in dishonest practices. The 1st 2 times we went we were fast Eddied into pulling our crefit report. We went to our credit union and got complete financing and satisfaction. Now we return because we know they have a large selection.

On June 21st. Stayed about 7 hrs. Shopping comparing campers. So we draw up paperwork.

We were asked to leave a 3000.00 deposit hold on RV. We look stunned! So how much can u leave sales guy says. We said 250.00 just as we had left at Bankston Motors.

Our 1st shopping experience for RVs. ! So we gave them our credit card and they held $250. We live in Alabama and their particular RV company in Tennessee had messed up our paperwork and showed us that they could not charge us tax since we lived in another state.

Now the 22nd we go to the DMV and find out that out-of-pocket we are going to have to pay for the ad valorem the tags and also the license plates and registration totaling approximately $1,300. We had another comparable RV at Bankston Motors that we really liked better and we had finally made a decision and I previously left $250 deposit at Bankston Motors wish they kindly refunded when we knew that a Class A or Class C was not going to work for us. When we called two Camping World in Tennessee we were told that our money of $250 was non-refundable and that they would not refund it. They said that the third line down on the estimate paperwork said initial deposit non-refundable however we had been there as I said nearly seven hours and had not seen that nor were we given sufficient time to read over the paperwork nor will we told in the Senate seven hours of spending with the salesperson or spending with the last 10 or 15 minutes with the finance person anything about our money being non-refundable.

These are extremely crafty and deceptive people and a built-in Empire upon keeping and praying on newcomers to the RV world's money. I am filing this complaint because we will fight them to get our small $250 back so they cannot continue to do this to other people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Burlington, Iowa, United States #1346740

I wish I had saw this before Saturday.. they have just done the same thing to use in Biloxi

to Anonymous #1379694

Good luck getting your paperwork to get your tags. We bought ours in July and still don't have plates.

Management blames the state I live in and the office employee blame her "heavy work load". They really have some internal issues in Biloxi.

I hope I never have to step a foot back in that place. They need to start at the GM level and start cleaning house.

Monroe, Louisiana, United States #1343417

Trained best *** artist company there is. We have been hosed by them also, promised repairs to be handled at one of their other locations, after denying to fix some of the repairs they agreed to do, which I have record of.

I Left it with the other location on a Tuesday, thinking this was going to be a better experience since it's located 900 miles south of the purchased location, and I was told they would call me that afternoon as to when repairs would be ready. I called late Wednesday and was advised company policy is they have 48 hrs to get into shop and check things out. It's know Saturday. Work 79 hours after RV dropped off still no word.

Laughable I truly believed the " company policy " comment. After all we've been through why I'm I surprised. They have my 100k It's companies like this the government should be investigating, to protect the consumer. Received a call Friday from an outsourced company to see how well Camping World treated us and our experience has been!

Well the nice lady received a ear full. I was kind to her but explained all the issues and would like to hear from Camping World corporate. She advised report would be sent in but really doubted o would ever hear from anyone.

My reply " no surprise *** Artist do not know how to make things right they usually do not come back by the ones they scam! She chuckled lightly have a good day sir.


This has been resolved quickly!My husband called the corporate office and they promptly refunded or credited our credit card.They acted shocked that they would even request 3000.00 down for us taking paperwork to our credit union to see what payments would be and check on state tax for RV. Since it was out of state..they were seemingly nice until we got terribly railroaded.

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