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Ross and Heather Deprey

Hi there!

We just purchased a new 2016 top of the line Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel from Camping World in Oakland GA. Not only do we have a bunch of issues with the fifth wheel but we also had one of worst experiences with a few of the Camping World staff as well a long day with tons of hiccups. We went to Camping World on my wife’s birthday 11-29-15 to look around and after looking at a few models we settled on the Pinnacle. We had previously visited the same Camping World when they were having their weekend sale and we spoke with the Jayco rep and he went through the whole line and explained a lot of the features your company has that others don’t as well as how well the product is made and your warranty.

On 11-29-15 we put a deposit down on the unit and explained to the manager as well as the sales rep that we need the unit the next day. Waiting is not an option and that we would choose something different or go somewhere else if the unit would not be ready on that time frame. We were told that the unit would have at least four guys on it and any issues would be fixed and gone through before we even got there. Our appt time was 11 am; we purposely got there later to make sure the unit would be ready when we got there. We were told the day before we would be given a walk through with a tech and given a short tutorial of how to work the unit. The tech did an amazing job showing us how to work the unit. When we got there we were ecstatic as we have been saving for years to be able to do this move. However, after being at Camping World all day and problem after problem arising and people, acting like we were bothering them for legit problems we were finding. My husband asked for I owe you slips so we could have a tech come out and have the problems fixed.

By 4:30 we had signed the papers and handed over our check and as soon as that happened it was like we were pieces of dirt after that happened.

Honestly, we paid $67 thousand in cash through a cashier’s check from our bank and we shouldn’t be treated like ***! weather we paid $500 or 1 mill but the point is as soon as they got paid it was like we were on our own and we were pests to them. Plus, right before the unit was set to leave; the warranty person came over and hassled my husband to sign an extended warranty and was threatening him that the price goes up after he steps out the door and that he had to sign a waiver before he left. After my husband explained to her that he was dizzy and starving not feeling good from not eating anything all day from being stuck there at the lot all day.

We were told that Camping world was not responsible for any issues with the unit after we left the lot. We were to call Jayco for any other issues that had arrived. I myself asked the man that we signed the title papers with who we needed to call if problems were to arise. I mean come on it’s a new product things go wrong. Weather it’s a car, a sewing machine or an Rv; something is bound to eventually come up. So I wanted to know for myself who to call, after reading a liability form for the warranty; I asked the, man who I call if a problem were to come up. He looked at me square in the face and said I have no idea, ask your sales man! As he rudely rushed out of the room as I was asking another question. . It felt like a total slap in our faces.. This happened right after we gave them the check, do you see where I’m going with this. It’s like oh we will promise you the moon and stars until you pay and then we throw you out in the cold.. Not a great feeling ya know?

Below is a list of the things we found wrong with the unit most of which my husband found while at the lot. However we have found a few more things since we have had the unit here in the campground.

1. The Kitchen Flooded 3 days later as a pipe let lose

2. The Carpet is loose and raised in the living room; we were told that they would need to keep the unit for an additional three days. Even after we explained to them we had no choice and we had to take the unit home that day. .

3. The top Ac unit was never check and the fuse had popped which again my husband caught and had to make the technicians take a look at it and replace the fuse as they were pushing him to leave the lot.

4. The living slide on the right side (passenger) was left open and got stuck. They wanted the driver to deliver it to us like that. We have no truck yet so we needed Camping World to deliver it to us. My husband had the delivery guy call the manager and he sent over a man who had to reset the slide and it works and comes in now.

5. Then after the slide was shut it was *** eyed and they still tried to pull the unit out of the lot. My husband said no way, fix it. We have no truck and can not just bring it back.

6. As they were leaving my husband noticed the unit didn’t even have a temp tag, which we asked for earlier in the day when we signed the papers for the title over to us. We were told they would absolutely give us a 45 day temp tag. However once again they dropped the ball.

7. My husband also found a crack in the kick plate going up the steps, the inverter for the refrigerator doesn’t even turn on, the garbage can drawer does not close at all( this was supposedly fixed as well on the lot ) , all the big rollers for the blackout shades do not work properly and those were supposed to be ordered and fixed as well. My husband received an I owe you tickets for those after they made a huge deal about giving him the tickets for each of those items he found .

8. Today we found scratches all over the counter on the island and the table in the kitchen; those were not found when we were on the lot. So I called to Jayco and reported those today. We know they are not from us as we have been putting towels down through the whole move in and we have place mats on the table.

9. In the hallway going to the bedroom the trim on the floor is cracked as well the door frame and the framing around the glass on the bedroom door is peeling laminate.

10. 2 different usb ports don’t work ( should have been checked Im doing the work to fix them

We don’t feel we are asking for a lot here, we paid a lot for this unit and we worked hard to get the money to purchase it. We expect the quality we were promised and are very disappointed with the service from Camping world and all the problems arising with the unit. As far as Jayco is concerned, we are blown away with the unit as a whole. We love the woodwork as well as the design .

Thank You Heather And Ross Deprey 1-772-834-3311

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Layout and decor of jayco.

I didn't like: Service, Having a hard time getting repairs made, No likes worst customer service i have ever seen.

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Same type unit. Sorry to say it only gets worse no dealers to fix warranty is a joke they fix there own sales tell you take it back where you bought it


why did you buy a 5th wheel camper if you don't have a vehicle to tow it with


Why is everyone drunk on here.


It sounds like you bought your rv from the same Camping aworkd dealer I did....HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AFYER THE SALE!!

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