Went to camping world to trade in my heavy camper for one lighter so I could pull it with my truck. I bought it at a place they had just bought out. They told me to find something I liked and they would make sure I got a real good deal. ( called the shaft) So I found two I really liked couldn't make up my mind but there was a great big sale going on a grand opening sale had to make a dicision today. I kept asking them what they would give me for mine since I had not owned it more then 7 months and couldn't pull it with my truck. they kept saying they couldn't give me a price until I picked something out which I knew right here something was up every other lot I was at could give me at least a ball park figure one lady gave me a print out of the blue book they had for my camper which was more then most of the new ones they had on there lot and they were built so cheap. I picked one that was price at 17.9 actually both of the ones I picked were the same price when all was said and done the brught me the paper work mine ended up being 9,000. and theirs went up 5000. from 17 to almost 22

plus now they wanted 6 thousand down. I had already told them I didn't have another down payment

I had used all the money I had when I bought the one I had which I was told buy their guys my truck would pull it. One other point I would like to make, the sales people at the new place were the sales people from the old place. So don't trust camping world. They also knew I am an old lady on oxygen given less then two years to live and we wanted this so I could go somewhere. They are scam artist.

and down right theifs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Deal.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Buckeye, Arizona, United States #801440

You are so right. Please help pass the word STAY away from Camping World Service and sales dept.


Funny we had almost the same exact situation at the camping world in Chichester NH, we bought a camper from them a year ago brand new. Got a bigger truck so we wanted to get a camper with a slide out for a little more room, they would only give us 9,000 for out camper (seems like the magic number) and wanted us to put down another 7,000 dollars and basically would not even work with us.

We ended up at another dealer found the same exact camper for 8,000 dollars less than what they wanted and they gave us 11,000 dollars for our camper and were absolutely wonderful to deal with. Will never deal with Camping world again.

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