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Lies and more lies

I brought my camper July 28th they told me by the middle of next week they let me know what"s going on but unfortunately it didn't happen I called them the following Monday and left them a message to get back to me but of course that didn't happen either. Wed Aug 8th I stop by to talk to the service manager he told me by end of the day he would get back to me more lies he never got back to me. THANK YOU JERRY B


Phone service

Why does no one answer the phone? It's 2:59 pm and have been calling for 30 minutes and no one answers.


CEO comment

Did CEO Marcus Lemonis really tell Trump supporters not to stop at his business?


No customer service after sale

Is there anyone at the corporate level that can convince the Oxford, AL service department to do their job? We have been desperately trying to get simple repairs completed on our 2017 Montana High Country to no avail.

We are constantly in contact with Keystone to ensure the workorders are correct since the service manager is unable to do so. The service writer walks through the RV with us to ensure our issues are properly documented and photographed, but the end result is not an acceptable repair. The “scheduled appointment” is a joke! They make you feel good by doing all this processing then leave the unit sit for weeks without touching it.

After weeks of frustration, they may get around to calling you that your unit is ready for pickup. When we make the 2+ hour drive back to the dealer, we find work haphazardly completed or incomplete work with lame excuses. Another trip to Camping World resulting in frustration and lousy customer service. I can’t imagine why a manufacturer like Keystone continues to rely on a broken down organization like Camping World to provide warranty service.

Can “ANYONE “ at corporate help us get our work completed?

Does anyone care? Am I forced to seek legal assistance?


It's a Corporate problems. All the stores are the same.

I bought my 2016 Thor Vegas at camping world because they are located access the country in case I had a problem. Big mistake. It took a year to correct some minor defects with the coach. Parts had to be ordered three times because of incompetence.

The Woodstock Georgia, where I bought it gave me an appointment date to bring it in. I thought that repairs would start immediatly, But that only meant they had a space on the lot, it sat for six weeks.

Once you drive the unit off the lot, they don't know you. Camping World sucks.


Corporate Headquarters

What is the difference between Bowling Green and Lincolnshire for corporate headquarters?


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