On July 22, 2017, we purchased a 2008 Winnebago Tour from Camping World in Panama City, FL. We were told there was nothing wrong with the unit and it was ready to go.

After waiting three days, we went back for delivery. A young man was to give us a walk thru of how to operate the RV. After two hours of pointing out its features he was unable to tell us how certain features worked. He explained he was not familiar with Winnebago.

I specifically asked about certain items that did not work or he did not show us and he would only reply he wasn't sure. By now we were way passed their closing time and decided to go home with the unit as it was getting late. We were assured if there were any issues Camping World would take care of the issues. On the way home with the coach in operation i noticed several things didn't work.

The right side camera didn't work at all and the left side was blurred. The house AC was not cooling properly (had asked about this problem repeatedly and was told because it was a bog unit it would take a few hours to cool down). The dash air did not work at all, while at the dealer asked about the operation of it and was blown off by the "delivery" guy saying he didn't know how to operate it. I also discovered that the hydraulic leveling system was not functioning properly and one of the awnings was not working.

I had asked the delivery guy about the leveling system to which he replied we didnt need to use it because most camping spots were level. After driving the unit home on Thursday I called Friday morning and talked to the manager, I told him there were things wrong with the unit. He said he knew about some things but these problems were not conveyed to me. Therefore i took the unit back to the dealership that very morning Friday.

The manager asked me to let them wait until the extended warranty kicked in, and they would repair everything, I told him NO, I wanted the unit fixed. He promised me face to face it would be taken care of. He said he would contact the previous owner and ask them to pay for the repairs. After waiting two more weeks and not hearing anything I called back, and the manager said he was going to get it fixed.

I called back a few days later and he said it was ready to picked up that the house air and dash air were repaired and they would repair the other issues later.

I picked up the unit only to discover it was not repaired so I took it back and it still there no repairs have been made as of Oct. 1st 2017.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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