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Used 2003 Allegro MH was purchased, found Dash AC would not work.

Piece of Mind Pledge, does not cover Dash AC, however, it was very evident that this condition existed, when purchased, with no mention to us.

Returned when found, approximately 30 days later and was told sorry, but for $1700+ we can repair.

Problem, we feel this condition existed and was known at the time of purchase and that repairs should be made. We feel that Camping World, Chattanooga, Tn was more concerned with the sale of a unit, than, creating good will among customers.

I waited almost 12 hours, when I returned the unit, with no real concern shown.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

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Don't waste your time at Camping World, Chattanooga,TN.

I was passed on to many so called sales people to get info on a used unit they had for sale.First off, the receptionists are air heads, I was disconnected 3 times before I got someone to talk to. Of course that person didn't know a thing about the motorhome I was interested in.

One guy I asked I wanted to know the engine size, and he said it looks like a 300 Cummins, he was just guessing. How did these *** get these jobs. I could a *** of a lot better than just guessing.

And their ad says PICTURES COMMING SOON. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for pictures to appear, and nothing yet.

What the *** do people do at this dealer? Sit around and pick their noses?

This dealer, Camping World of Chattanooga,TN sure as *** doesn't seem like they don't want to sell anything. Probably too much work for these ***.

I have reported them to the BBB 4 times already.

Hope people read the reviews and don't do any business with theses jerks. :( :( :(

Dover, Tennessee, United States #587001

My wife and I purchased a 2007 raptor from Matt. At first he seems like a nice ambitious guy.

He will lie to you while looking you in the eye. I was lucky. Nashville camping world fixed his lies. He said he installed new batteries and filled propane tanks.

He didn't. He also said the gen was out of gas but it was gummed up. Matt should be fired. Again Matt is this punks name.

Beware of Matt in Chattanooga. If his mouth is open he's lying.


did the sale sticker say used "as-is" or used "Warranty"? people always crack me up with the their "Im the victom" when they buy a used vehicle that clearly states as is no warranty.

if u want a guarntee buy new or buy an extended warranty that covers EVERYTHING! or test somthing like that on ur test drive!

to dah? North Tonawanda, New York, United States #892360

Some people still trust what they're being told camping world is not a small corner car lot


I purchased an RV from there too and the salesperson was very upfront with what was covered by the POM. Matter of fact he even mentioned that's why all the sheets names the covered parts to prevent confusion

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