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I am writing this letter in hopes that Camping World will step up to the professional standard that they portray. I have over 670 followers on my facebook page and over 540 on another facebook page entitled “Two VT Girls On An Adventure”. I also belong to many RV sites that also have a lot of followers. They are all interested on how this will end. On November 9, 2017 I bought a slightly used 2017 Grand Design 357 BHS from Camping World in Bartow Florida. I had been researching RVs for a year and decided that the 5th wheel Grand Design was the best one for my needs. A friend and I were going to travel the US for a year. Being 2 women, we wanted to have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I inspected the camper minus the LCI 3.0 system and the gas line from one tank to the other. I gave them a punch list along with asking that the camper be checked over for anything else and that the unit would be cleaned.

There was a recall on the unit, so I could not pick it up as planned. They called and explained that once they had the part, they would call me to set up an appointment to come get the RV. I asked that a keyless entry also be installed. They did do that.

I was called and made an appointment just before Thanksgiving. The person delivering the unit came out to greet us. He started showing us some things about the RV. I did mention that they did not clean the RV very well and he stated they don’t get them all that clean, just the little stuff. He also showed us how to empty the black tanks and the grey tanks. While doing some of that he received a call stating that his next delivery was here. He was upset that they were here, and he had to driven with me yet. So instead of being rushed thru I told him, I would not have a problem rescheduling a time to pick up the RV. I did ask him to have them flush out the tanks since it was used. That was not done either.

It was running into Thanksgiving, so I scheduled it for after December 1. We set up the appointment for 5 days into the future. When I got there, the RV still had not been cleaned, nor were the tanks cleaned out. When I got there, he had me back up the truck and hooked to the RV. He could not get the LCI 3.0 system to work and went in to get a battery pack because he stated that battery was dead. He said he overrode the mistake on the LCI system and brought up the levelers. We rode around the park and the street around it for some practice. He never showed me anything else in the camper and said we were good to go. I had to go in and pay for the keyless entry and when I came out he was getting his battery pack out of where the battery was. He said he almost forgot it. Told us good luck and sent us on our way.

My ride home was two hours away. When I arrived home and ready to use the LCI 3.0 system, it would not work. I called Camping World, but they were closed. I called LCI and they said to check the voltage in the battery. When I went to check the battery, the cables were not attached, the battery box and screws were all over the place and of course the battery exhaust was not attached. I had to park my new 5th wheel attached to my truck in the Walmart parking lot. The next day I called Camping World and stated I wanted a new battery, the keys to my unit, (they did not give me the outside keys) and for them to come out to fix my LCI 3.0 leveling system. They sent someone out. It took him almost 2 hours to try and reset the system. Finally, after many attempts and phone calls it worked. But the problem was not solved because I went to move it on December 31 to a camping area, I had problems with it again. Two other people came to our rescue, but they had a very hard time getting it to work.

When I got to our first destination, we again had trouble but were able to fix it by looking it up on youtube. It got very cold there and that’s when we discovered that Camping World did not even fill the tanks. The main problem with that was the gas line was also defective. Doesn’t Camping World check over problems before selling a unit? I think NOT!

We were in Lafayette LA and we could not get the right front leveler to move. Nothing was working so I decided we would get someone out to help get the levelers all up and get to somewhere, where someone could help us fix this once and for all. I called Camping World twice, (not the one in Bartow) but the local one and they never called back. I called a few places, and everyone was booked up. We went to Alamo Texas where there was a certified technician who could help us immediately. I told him of the problems I have been having with this unit since I got it. He was on the phone for many times with LCI (Luppert) trying to help us. They told them I should really have two batteries running this unit. That is was the battery always giving us trouble. Well, if that is the case why isn’t it sold with two?

The technician hooked up the second battery and was able to reset the LCI system. Everything is level and hopefully fixed. The real test will be this Friday when we got to hook up and when we get to our destination. When my technician was here, he tried calling camping world for several days and spoke with one of the managers who said he would talk to another manager and get back to him. Of course, he never did. Back on January 17th I called Camping World Cooperate. They gave me an email acknowledging my concerns and gave me a case number 728814 but I have yet to hear from someone. How rude and unprofessional is that? I did send a letter to Grand Design a few days ago but have not heard back.

I spent

1. 130.00 for a service call in Lafayette LA

2. 150.00 for a new additional battery

3.65.00 for battery box and cables

4.216.00 for gas line, regulator and parts for faulty propane gas line

5.600.00 in labor (which he gave me a break on because of all the problems I was having)

I have paid out more than $1000.00 on repairs that should have been corrected before I took it home. This letter is hoping that someone will stand up and do the right thing and reimburse me for these repairs that I should not have had to do when I just bought the unit a few months ago.

You can reach me by email or phone number. Email is and my phone number is 802-881-5544. I have been on the phone constantly with LCI since taking possession of this unit. I have been on the phone leaving messages with Camping World many times and my service technician has also. You people do not even have the professionalism it takes to call back. That is very disappointing. I have read many bad reviews about Camping World by many people, but I did not believe it. Let’s see if its true.

This letter will be going to Grand Design Cooperate, LCI, Camping World Cooperate and Camping World in Bartow Florida. Look forward at least to a phone call. Thank you in advance for any consideration you give this.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Grand Design Rv Reflection 357 Bhs Rv.

Reason of review: Please see letter attached.

Monetary Loss: $945.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Sounds like you have an issue with Camping World, not the manufacturer.

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