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Camping world , i am wondering i have never in the past checked out their prices so the other day i decided to buy a RV on-the-go water softner , i looked on line and found it for under$200.00 delivered . I went to camping world to have a look they were $275.00 plus tax ........... i asked at the counter and the fellow there looked at me as if i were nuts ............NO WE DO NOT price match , he then said to me you might try to look at the camping world site and order it from there because it might be cheaper , I asked him are you not the same company he said he could NOT match even their price , I will tell all who would read this that you should PLEASE go online and have a look , There is a great thing about camping world because they stock the items you could go have a look there and see what you want then head home and order off the internet , The people at the camping world (Las-Vegas) were NOT very friendly, even talking to the manager there they let me walk out the door and buy else where they are order takers and are not sales people.

So to sum up I am not sure what i even have Good Sam member because the prices at camping world are Way to over priced ..


Monetary Loss: $75.

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Actually this is not true. The person he spoke with is MISSINFORMED.

It is camping world policy to honor the price. However, if the Internet price has an added shipping cost, the store must also add that to the honored price. Lastly, there ARE products that are available ONLY ON THE INTERNET. The store cannot even have the item delivered to the store...but those products aren't even stocked in the store.

If you encounter issues like the person above indicated, as to speak to the retail GM. I work there and do this all day long.


At the las-vegas location the customer service is something to be desired , if yu work at that location I give you credit for even a reply on my issue. The person/persons I spoke with there were more interested in who was going for coffee than asking the two customers that were in their store .

FYI - I spoke with the other

person that was there and we both walked out ..............

I have spoken with several people in our travels and this is not the first time this happened.

My on the go water softener came delivered from your supplier and it came with in three days ................There are a lot of companies out there to deal with ........... as I mentioned before not a place to shop ....


Pretty much the same experience but, I've bought some things there and the sales person rang it up and said I'll give you the internet price. So, it appears they have the ability to give you the better price.

Another time in the same store I asked for the internet price and a different checkout person said they don't do that. I guess it depends who you deal with.

If you need it quickly they might have it, if you can wait I've found better prices and order it from other dealers.

Just my experience