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Yesterday I went into the San Bernardino store to purchase a small item. I asked the sales clerk if they sold the item and she responded that they did not carry it.

After informing her that I had seen the item on line, she very dismissively pointed off into the distance and said "if we carry it it would be over there." After searching for ten minutes, I found the item on an end cap. When I went to the register to purchase the item the original clerk said "oh you wanted the speed socket, you should have said that." I explained to her that she should have taken the time to listen to my description of the item; and I would not have wasted ten minutes searching the store. I told her that her understanding of customer service "sucked" and she would have a hard time in life if she continued interacting with customers in this fashion, to which she responded in a typical juvenile way "actually I have a great life." Obviously, she didn't get my point. Prior to leaving the store I asked to speak to a manager; however, there was no manager on the premises.

The bottom line, I will no longer do business with this company. Over the past fifteen years I have made perhaps three purchases from Camping World and each buying experience has been less satisfying. I retired a year ago and my wife and I are about to purchase a large fifth-wheel.

Given the consistent lack of professionalism on display at Camping World, we will not even consider purchasing the fifth-wheel from this company or having them service the vehicle. Mike Williams

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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