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I hope after reading this you are as upset as my wife and I are along with other of your customers I have spoken with. And, further, that something positive will result.

Please read the attached emails. We purchased a new Winnebago Aspect from you a few months ago. We noticed after our first trip of 700 miles that there were some items broken or missing needing repaired. I called your service dept.

and had to wait about a month to get an appointment. I told them we just bought this from you but they still made me wait. (Not good customer service). I brought my RV in Dec.

6th. Hoping we could get it fixed for our planned Christmas trip. I was shocked when your parts/service rep. told me it would take 2 to three weeks to just get the parts.

One of the deciding factors in purchasing a Winnebago was the fact that all parts are numbered and they keep those parts for 10 years. Now I am being told it would take several weeks for you to just get the parts. I told him anything can be over-nighted in the U.S. It's done every day.

I offered to pay the overnight shipping fee. He said you couldn't do that and this was Winnebago's system to take that long to get parts. I didn't believe him. Well, as a successful business man and previous owner of several successful businesses, I know that what I was told was not true and only excuses for inept and outdated systems and employees that don't really care about your customers.

Thus, I contacted Winnebago directly. I found out this is not their system or protocol. I was told most parts orders are sent out within a day or two at the most. I also found out that your parts person waited until Dec.

16 to even place the order. They should have been ordered on Dec. 6 when I brought my RV in.!!!!. Winnebago shipped them to you on the 18th.

I have heard most of your people behind the parts/service desk tell people the same thing that parts take 2-3 weeks to get. Well, they sure do when you don't even order them for 10 days - several weeks. Your parts person also told me since this was a warranty situation, the parts had to be authorized by Winnebago which is another lie. Your system of taking care of clients is BADLY BROKEN.

Excuses won't fix the problem. There are solutions to every single part of this situation. As a business man and student of business, I know that customer service will increase sales more than any other item and your system is badly Broken. Another item of dissatisfaction is I was told the missing screw covers in the ceiling were not under warranty and I would have to pay for them.

Boy, that really PISSED off my wife. Yes, we can afford them. That is not the issue. The issue is "taking care of the customer".

We just spent several thousand dollars on a NEW RV, and you can't take care of replacing the screw covers that cost less than 5 cents!!!! Your employees need to be better trained and given some authority to take care of small items like this if you want to really have customer service instead of just talking about it. The representative at the factory apologized for your lack of caring and mailed them to us. If other companies you deal with actually take 2 to 3 weeks or more to send you parts in this modern era then you need to let them know they will not be your vendors any longer unless they can get parts to you within a couple of days.

You have the buying power to make this happen. If you can't make this happen, you better get with the Camping World executives who can make this happen to do it. This experience has turned us against you for ever purchasing another RV from Camping World.

Please step back and take a look at what is happening at your location. Customers don't like purchasing a new RV and then having their Christmas plans changed because their new RV they wanted to use is tied up for a MONTH getting 4 little items fixed that could be done in just a couple of hours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Buy Canadian, where quality reigns. Especially Leisure. You get what you pay for.


they're required to keep parts that long. all manufacturers are.

Problem with Winnie and others is they are churning out so many RVs right now because boomers are retiring that quality is just not there. Sorry about that and your experience at CW.


Well said sir and VERY accurate.

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