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To Whom it May Concern:

I want to begin by apologizing. I miscalculated the amount of time the camper has been at Camping World. In my last email, I said that the camper has been at my home for only 6 weeks since we purchased it 9 months ago. It was probably closer to 15 weeks. Of course, this time length is approximate as the dates on our paperwork are not filled in and I didn't mark them on my calendar. And, of course, the camper is STILL there. Either way, the camper has been at the Dothan AL Camping World for roughly 2/3 of the time we have "owned" it.

On August 15, 2015, we received a phone call from Dave, the sales manager at the Dothan location. He seemed a little irritable, which confused me, as the fault in this does not lie at my feet. During this call, he told me that a lot of the needed repairs are minor......I don't feel that anything about this situation is minor and am a little offended that your company does. We are paying a lot of money for a camper that we cannot use. Would you find this situation minor were you on this end of it? He did offer to have Camping World pay this months payment. Which, as I told him, is unacceptable The only thing that is acceptable in what your company considers this "minor" situation is for you to buy back the camper.

Please understand that we require your PROMPT attention to this matter. We have not been impressed with your idea of promptness thus far, as you can imagine. For example, we sent the first email in reference to this on August 5, 2015. We received a call within a few hours from Susan, in the service department at the Dothan Camping World. She said that most of the parts would be overnighted and we would be able to pick the camper up the next week, provided we brought it back, AGAIN, when the rest of the parts arrived so they could complete all of the repairs. As of the time of this email, we have not received any communication that the work has been completed. This is just an example of the kind of thing we are and have been dealing with from your service department. As we have come to learn, your company is quick to tell us what they think we want to hear, in order to appease us, but very slow to actually follow through. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future in order to schedule an appointment to sign the paperwork for the camper over to you.


LaRoy and Angela Malin

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I agree I'm going threw the same thing with camping world of Dothan al. My camper has been there for a total of 14 weeks with no end in sight and the service tech has the balls to tell my wife if we had a problem with how long it was taking then maybe we should call where the parts are being made !!! And they said they only needed it a week and a half !!!!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #1050929

Your situation sounds alot like ours. We purchased a 2016 Sunset Trail Reserve on March 30.

It has been waiting on parts for 2/3 of the time. We paid over $1,000 to have a second a/c unit installed in the bedroom. When they finished, they were kind enough to return it to our storage due to my husband having heart surgery. When he was feeling better, we went to see it and to my (I can't even say shock at this point, because Camping World's staff cannot shock me), the a/c was laying on the bed along with about 30 different tools, muddy boot prints on my new white quilt.

They obviously have no quality assurance there. Amazing. We want them to buy back our RV also, it has a moldy smell in it, and this RV has been slept in for 3 nights total.

Please let me know if you get any resolution. My husband wants to hire an attorney

to Frankandlinda #1057506

Well, If it smells like mold there is mold. We are going to look into a lawyer as well I guess.

They seem to have zero urgency to handle our situation regardless of the number of times we had to bring back and leave the unit. STILL to this day they have failed to handle our situation. STILL we have heard nothing from the Management of Dothan Camping World or the Corporate office. STILL the unit is sitting on there lot waiting for yet more repairs.

At this point the warranty is now gone. Marcus is aware of the situation as has taken no action to get this LEMON of an RV off our hands . Keep me informed of your situation. I will continue to update various websites as well.

Maybe instead of them sitting back waiting for us to just give up or die off ,he will find some heart and take care of this. Here is the last email I sent. There was no response.... as usual.

There is no resolution at this point. I fear a lawyer is our only choice... How much time to we need to give this company to take care of us? people all over the nation are having similar problems.

you keep in touch too.. I would like to know if they took care of you , or if everyone is just getting taken to the cleaners by this company. Mom and pops companies are probably best to do business with. Camping world cares about Camping world...

Not their customers, or their employees.. they care about Themselves.

To Whom It May Concern

I thought by now we would of heard from Camping World in Dothan, AL. I went and talked to Eric two weeks ago today. He told me to give him a few days and he would be in touch.It has been more than a few days.

Around the fourth of Sept. they brought the camper back to us. The guy driving the camper could not even back it up. my husband tried to tell him what to do.

That did not help at all. So Roy told them to unhook it and he would hook it to his truck and do it himself. they should let Roy us their truck that would of make more since.Our girls came in and told me what was going on. I sent them back outside to tell them to let Roy back it in with their truck.

They had already unhooked it so they hooked it back up to their truck and the same guy started to move it and the camper fell on the top edge of the truck.It was not locked in place. The rear fender was dented when they got here ,but James looked at us and said that the truck got the worst end of the deal. We told James no it did not because the truck was already dented when they got here. We found out later that the driver was a detailer at camping world and James was the one who wrote up the work orders.

James and I went through the camper. The first thing I saw was a rip in the leather couch on the right end,them I checked out the rest of the couch. On the left end of the couch the leg rest had both of the top ends messed up bad.Guess what that means another trip to the wonderful service department in DOTHAN, AGAIN.If you look at the service report you will see where a storage door was up to high and when we put the slide out in it broke a piece off the door and dented the frame around one corner of the slide out.They didn't charge us to fix it.Now that door does not go up as high as it did before.I don't believe that was our fault.

Two or three weeks ago we took the camper back to them.

They wanted to know why. They had sent a man out to fix the couch. I could still see every place it had been patched. So we took the camper where it belonged.

My husband did scrape another camper. It did not hurt the older camper but it did damage the plastic cover the wheels on Heartland.This wonderful camper has been nothing but one problems after another.James called and talked to my husband last week to tell him that they had found a bad computer card another surprise, and the couch was on order.How would you feel if this happened to you? We already have $21,100.39 in this camper the warranty runs out next month. When i talked to Eric I told him that we would be interested in trading for a motor home and I don,t plan on losing one dime of our money.

The more I have thought about this I don,t feel like that would be a very smart thing to do. We would still be dealing with the same place and I don,t have the time to do this again.I want them to BUY IT BACK/

As you all know my husband has stage four renal cancer. He is all that matters to me.I don,t have time to wait for people to never call back when they say they will.To me that shows what kind of people are working for camping world. It also shows me what kind of A company CAMPING WORLD IS.You are A company that I would be ashamed to work for and I am very sorry that we did business with you.So do the right thing BUY YOUR CAMPER BACK.

Pay off the loan and refund the money that we have already paid . Minus what the cost to fix the wheel cover and buff out the paint.You should only charge what it actually cost you and not a dime more.

SINCERELY LaRoy & Angela Malin

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