In April 2014 I purchased a 2014 Colman CTU297RE from Jerry Byrd. I haven't Received an Owners Manual as of yet I have Contacted Colman and Dutchman all I got was I will send you one for two months I haven't received one.

Two Months age when I talked to my Salesman he didn't have the time to get me one. Is this how campers world does business? I Spent $35000.00 to purchase it . Who do I Need to Contact?

campers world headquarters ,The Better business bureau ? this customer is not happy.

I have never bought a Camper that had no owners manual . And the cooperation from the Sales person obtaining one is none.

I didn't like: Service after the sale.

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How is this Camping Worlds fault? RV's are manufactured elsewhere and then distributed to RV dealers.

Each unit has its own manual and if one wasn't with the unit how do you expect the dealer to just pull one from the air. Camping World doesn't build them they just sell them.

Get in touch with the manufacturer for the proper literature and stop degrading a company that isn't at fault. Point the hate in the right direction.

to Anonymous North Tonawanda, New York, United States #905035

Man up you sold it you made the bucKS now get a manual for them or give them your commission and they will

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