I was told that the shades are custom made for each order and it would be up to 6 weeks for delivery. I was also told I would get a confirmation e-mail with all info regarding measurements, sizes, colors etc.

I wanted make sure that they matched the other shades I had installed previously. 5 days later I received a shipment and was obviously surprised, since the shades can not be made that quickly. When I opened the box, I noticed that the measurements were not correct and the hardware was in plastic bags which were deteriorated. Upon further checking I found a manufacturers date from 2008 - 7years old?

I also discovered that this package had been shipped from the Camping World warehouse in Kentucky where all returns go from customers. I then spent over 2 months just to get my payment returned to my credit card. After many calls which put me on hold for up to 30 minutes listening to their goofy electronic music and telling me my call was important, I was finally able to get an e-mail address from on women who was actually trying to help me, because I was not happy at all with Camping World.

This is a short version of the whole experience. My customer account also had information with another customer's name and info.

I finally got money returned and decided that if I ever need anything, I would only go to Camping World if they were the only place to obtain something that no one else sold - not going to happen - they only thing that they have that many RV Stores don't have is extremely poor service. I finally did get a 50.00 gift certificate from Camping World with an apology - and wouldn't you know - I went to the Camping World Store here in Tucson to use it, and the clerk was not exactly polite when she told me that the card did not match my account when I arrived at the check out. I tried to *** my lip and remain civil when she told me I would have to contact customer service to correct it. I asked that instead - SHE call customer service and verify that they had screwed my account up and assured me that every thing had been corrected including removing the other customer's name from my account.

She did so reluctantly and was able to verify the info and complete my purchase with my Camping World Gift Certificate.

And you think I will go back to them ever again after having been a customer for 25 years? NOT!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let Marcus Limonas get the companies, there were combined, together and spend some time listening to them instead of appearing as the Profit on TV.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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