Took our 2009 Heartland North Country into the Albuquerque, NM Camping World. We did not buy it there but thought that because they are all over the country, this would be the way to go.

NOT. They quoted us a price and when I asked if they could find a way to lower the cost (such as a smaller BTU unit) they said they'd get back to us. They called my husband and quoted another price - a little over $100 less. We just decided to go with it.

When we went to pick up the trailer, the "service advisor" didn't know anything. I asked for the name of the brand of the A/C and the BTU's. He had to look it up on the computer. Then we asked for an owners manual for the A/C.

He didn't know about that either. To pay, we had to walk a short distance to an empty office. I am disabled and there is no where to sit - not in the office or in the Service area. The worker could have ran my credit card and bring me the receipt to sign - it seemed so pointless to walk over there to pay.

The invoice has no info on it except AC unit and labor. No model #, nothing. Then, when I went in the trailer to look at the AC cover on the ceiling, there was debris all over the floor, kitchen counter and table. They did not clean up after themselves.

When we got home, we decided to turn on the AC to see how it worked - the old AC had leaked coolant and it never got cold inside. Well, the BEST part - they put in a duct-less AC when we HAD a ducted AC previously AND now the 9 ducts are useless. Besides the fact that wouldn't you replace an AC unit with whatever was in there previously??? So pissed off.

The back bedroom will never get cool now. Ripped off.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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