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We, my family and I were at your Oakwood, Ga Camping World. We were Only looking to purchase camper in the future and expressed that to the sale rep.

Our visit went south from there. Our family felt like we were the ones being looked into or against the entire time Sales rep with tattoo on neck followed our family around and became very rude when expressed to him we were just looking today and did not need his assistance. Our teenagers asked to leave. Daughter later told me that salesman was in her space many times and was not sure what he was trying to do or his intentions.

He continued to talk even when we turned to each other to discuss. ..........

Would not be quiet so that our family could discuss. He continued to talk and we finally left. We are an educated family and he was insulting to us.

We Did not trust him, he was very unprofessional.

It would have been a better experience had the sales man been polite and more professional when told looking only.

We were not able to even think about the things we discussed prior to trip to Camping World. The guy with the tattoo on his neck needs another job.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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although it is not correct to label people, I find these tatooed people to be obnoxious salespeople in general, and at this dealership, and I have learned to not deal with them. Unfortunately I must get slightly rude before they will leave me alone.

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