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Oakwood , June 1st,2018- We went in looking for a fifth wheel. I told them

My price range and the salesman (Sal) continues to show us fifth wheels well above our price range. He did show us some in our price range, but it aggravated me that he kept on showing us the ones double our price range ! We negotiated down on one that we liked, but was told the GM was taking it to the lake for the weekend. So if we didn’t get it that day he wouldn’t be back with it for a week or so. It’s nice to know that Camping world is taking their campers out and using them before selling them ! We sat down to do paperwork and could not come to a fair price. We went home to realize that the salesman lost or kept my husbands CDL license. He drives for a living and we lost income because of this error. I know the salesperson never handed back the license. Now we are filing a lost or stolen police report for his license, because we don’t know if someone there took them

Or if they were genuinely lost. It’s not hard to hand a license back once you get a copy. I will Never do business with camping world again. This has been a catastrophe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All these comments are from the sales team, they have a lot of time during the day!


A "catastrophe" is something like the World Trade Center destruction, or Hurricane xxx, or the destruction of the shuttles Columbia and Challenger. World War Two and the Holocaust were catastrophes.

Your problem is a mosquito bite or a zit on your cheek by rational comparison. Chill out, slow down, analyze, overcome .... and next time explain to us indoor types the nature and purpose of a "fifth wheel" ; it sounds like an inconvenience and a physical impracticality ... two wheels, OK, three wheels, OK, four wheels, OK, a fifth wheel ?

Huh ?

A clown car perhaps ? I don't know and you didn't say.

to Chester #1509717

FYI.. For someone who is a CLASS A CDL HOLDER and for their license to get lost is a huge deal.

That is how they provide for their family, it is their income and life line. Catastophe?

Maybe the word was used a bit loosely, but not in complete ignorance. A fifth wheel is a large camper, and if you don't know what a fifth wheel even is, you probably shouldn't comment on a camping world review.

to Chester #1509863

Catastrophe comes from a Greek word meaning "overturn." It originally referred to the disastrous finish of a drama, usually a tragedy. Therefore they did use the word correctly !

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