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NEVER AGAIN will I visit Camping World in Lakewood NJ. Took my Winnebago 23' VIEW & 2014 Honda CRV to have them mated for dinghy towing.

Appointment 4 weeks later (they were busy). Brought RV & car 1 day early & went to pick up 1 day after it was supposed to be done. Not ready and NO PHONE call even though they knew I had a 60 mile ride! Paid my $4000+ and was taken out to the lot where mechanic was hooking things up.

IF I HADN'T ASKED QUESTIONS, THERE WAS NO PLAN TO SHOW ME HOW TO DRIVE THE THING. Slowly took off down the road - CAR BRAKES LOCKED UP first 4 uses! VERY SCARY SITUATION - & A COP WHO CAME BY told me to take it back to dealer and to stay off the road until it was fixed. I found out that Camping World HAD NOT ROAD TESTED THE SETUP!!!

And the mechanic said "we never do that". Can you believe that? Furthermore the dinghy brake system was NOT ADJUSTED/SETUP properly & AND IT WAS THE WRONG ONE (I needed & wanted a proportional system more compatible with my car and a lot more forgiving on the road). Also, looking at the bill, I realized they did not use the existing wiring harness on the RV and charged me an add'l $300+ to install a parallel cable run (the original worked fine as the RV had been towing a car when I bought it).

They never said a word about the add'l work/charge. The install/mechanic shop people COULD NOT HELP ME as they said they do & install what the sales person tells them. It turns out the saleman who designed the setup & sold me the bill of goods was new (maybe 4 months on the job), had never worked in RV sales (I think he used to work at best buy selling electronics - found this out after doing some backgrtound check) and INSISTED everything was ok. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!

I literally had to stand in middle of the showroom floor loudly demanding he take the braking system back - which he did as customers were gathering around us. I got the equipment cost back for the portable brake system on my AMEX card but no labor costs. I settled for that (even though I should have gotten labor money too) and left, vowing never to shop at Camping World again. As I left, I noticed the owner's poster's (Marcus Lemonis, "The Profit") around the place saying that he be contacted if things weren't to my liking.

I should have done that after all but didn't. Too pissed off...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Read my entry, Terrible customer service.

  • Faulty Towing Installation
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