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On june 3rd we purchased a cougar 29bhs. We were told after the purchase we would have to pick it up on June 5th or 6th as they had no other days available for a month.

Upon arrival at camping world for are 9 a.m appointment we were told the finance guy(Tony) was on his way in finally at 1030 we got to go into finance. We had discussed getting a second battery on the unit so Tony went out to the garage and came back in assuring us the battery would be installed and he had gave us an extra $100 gift card for the inconvenience of us waiting around. Finally at 1 pm we received are camper hooked to the truck incorrectly. The mechanic that set the ball up had it 2.5” lower than it should have been caused g the weight distribution system to fail.

I fixed the hitch myself when I got home. After another look at the camper the cord that hooks to the truck for breaks and trailer lights had tape on it. I removed the tape to find the wire was pintched and cut 3 wires inside the leed causing me to have no signal lights . After calling the dealer multiply times and leaving multiply voice mails I received a call back on June 12 th from the gm he stated I don’t know when I would be able to get anyone to ur location to fix this issue but I can just send you coed and you can install it urself.

I asked about my battery and got a reply that’s what the $100 gift card was for. So my response to this nonsense was send me the cord I will pay some one to do it as it is my fault apparently and as for the battery haha we got nothing so as for now we are waiting for the cord

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Customer Service is the WORST.


Ever heard that "you get what you pay for".Well not at camping world, you pay for stuff that you'll never get and never needed and anything else they can con you into. And when you get mad and complain, you'll be labeled a problem customer.

to Anonymous #1499253

This company is terrible!!! And you can deffinitley see that just reading the reviews with customer service. They suck I wouldnt reccomend them to anybody ever!!!

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