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Yesterday was the second and final time I gave Camping World in Hendersonville, NC an opportunity to make my life miserable. I took my travel trailer in for service twice, got a call that it was ready to pick up only to arrive and find things that I'd paid for that hadn't been done. My most recent experience was the last straw.

I ordered a list of parts and services, one of which was the "Basic Spa" wash. I showed up as scheduled to pick up the unit and it hadn't been cleaned as the $120 charge on the bill indicated it was. I went back and complained and was assured it would be done when I returned at the end of the day.

When I returned, there was a small puddle behind the spare tire and a few drops of water on the sides. On closer inspection I realized it didn't look any different from when I'd left it that afternoon. The "cleaning" couldn't have been more than a casual spray-down with a hose. Dirt, grime and streaks were all still there. I licked my thumb, rubbed it across the side and the stuff came right off, so no brush, rag or sponge came anywhere near it. Let me be clear...this "service" cost me $120. One-hundred twenty American dollars. When I complained they came up with a litany of excuses and offered to wash it again. I declined as I didn't feel the need to be disappointed one more time.

It gets worse but there are plenty of horror stories on this site to match what I went through. Bottom line: Learn to do repairs yourself, hire a trusted friend, or take it to a locally-owned repair shop. Just don't go near a Camping World.

Reason of review: Substandard work and poor communication.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I totally agree with you, that store has put us on the never to walk into Camping World Again List. I have used Tom Johnsons for years just used them for the same wash and got the same result as you.

Problem is they have now bought Tom Johnsons, so I will give them one shot, but not expecting much.

Only place left is MiLes RV and I have already called to see if they can do my warranty work so I don't have to deal with Camping World.

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