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My husband and I purchased a $39,000 2016 Sunset Trail Reserve. This was our bucket list, our dream.

He is 65 I am 60. We picked it up on March 30th, CW was sweet, they took the obligatory pictures with us in front of the camper. We towed it 2 miles to our storage facility. We made plans to use it the following week.

We received our first recall in the mail, the slider was missing a part. Scheduled an appointment, cancelled our trip, and brought it in. From this point everything snowballed, the awning lights did not work, they ordered a new set, they were broken, we waited, the sensor broke for the lights, we waited. We decided that we would have a second air conditioner installed for over $1,000.

My husband had emergency heart surgery and CW was kind enough to return it to our storage facility. When he and I went to check on it, weren't we surprised when we saw part of the a/c on the bed (it was being installed in the bedroom), a boatload of tools, muddy boot prints on my new white quilt, and garbage between the converter box and the a/c. No quality assurance there, they picked it up, barely an apology, offered to have someone's wife wash my quilt, thank you. Out on our maiden voyage with 2 grandkids, middle of July South Carolina heat.

Lights were dimming all day, and the unit was not cooling. We thought maybe because the kids were in and out. Nope, 1:00 am. total blackout, no electric, no air.

Left it at the campground, took 2 cranky kids home and went back in the morning to pick it up. Oh, the converter is shot? Okay, let's fix it.... this is a freakin new camper !!.

Well of course the part didn't come in for maybe 3 or 4 weeks (I have way of knowing anything because CW does not give you paperwork even when you ask for it), and unfortunately I am a little naive and didn't think to document everything. Another recall, we can't use the stove, imagine that? haha Joke is on us. Now there is a moldy smell in there, and this happened ever since they screwed up the a/c.

When I say moldy, it clings to everything in there. I picked up a hand mixer and medication that we left in the drawer the odor is on the mixer, in the medication, in the bedding (it doesn't wash out), in the food, and in my husband's oxygen concentrator and his Cpap machine This is some serious stuff. They told us to hang those bags up that take moisture out of the air. Now we are a joke to them.

They literally laugh in our faces and are extemely rude. When you spend that kind of money (and it is financed) you expect excellence and no isssues.

Buyer Beware stay away from Camping World . My email is just put in the subject up screwed by CW and I'll get back to you

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $60000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Camping World. The most disappointing about 2016 crossroads sunset trail reserve from Camping World was worse company every they treat customers so poorly Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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