I purchased a brand new Jayco Jayflight from camping world in Hilsboro Oregon (which is an hour and half from my house) in the the spring. I purchased a paint and fabric warranty for my trailer because it was recommended since I have kids.

After I returned home with my trailer my salesman called me back to see when I was going to bring my trailer back to get the sealants done so my warranty would be valid. I was in unaware that I was going to have to bring my trailer in when I purchased the warranty or I would not have taken it home until it was ready. I told them that with my work schedule, camping and everything else that I would not be able to bring it in until the fall. My first camping trip I filled the propane bottles up and turned on the system.

My gas alarm started going off. I took it to a local RV repair shop and they fixed the problem, it was a loose connection under the stove. I called in after my last camping trip of the year to schedule my appointment for the sealants but I was only able to talk to the receptionist because she said there was nobody in service and she would have somebody call me back. After 2 days and nobody called me back I called again and the process repeated though she said she would make sure somebody called me back this time.

Nobody called me back so I called back again 24 hours later and she was trying to transfer me to the service manager voicemail but I refused and demanded to speak to a somebody. I was finally able to talk to somebody to make the appointment for about 3 weeks out. On the day of the appointment I brought the trailer down to the dealership and the service manager said the trailer would be done in a couple of days. I told him that I could not pick up the trailer until the weekend so he said that it would give them plenty of time to get my trailer done.

On Friday I called in to make sure my trailer was done only to leave ANOTHER unreturned message for the service manager. Since nobody called me back I just drove down because the service manager said that it would be PLENTY OF TIME! When I showed up my trailer had not been touched. I voiced my opinion about the whole thing and his response was a $100 gift card for camping world and he would give me cash for the gas leak repair bill.

The $100 barely covered my fuel to get there and back and I couldn't use it at a gas pump but whatever I just want my trailer and not to look back. The service managers response not returning calls was that emails are the best way to contact him. He told me that he would personally make sure that my trailer got done the following week which was thanksgiving weekend. I told him I have plans that weekend so I couldn't get the trailer until the following weekend.

The following weekend I emailed him on Saturday and he did not return my email until Tuesday. He said my trailer was still not done and he would again make sure it got done that week. I did not get a call that week on Friday like he said. I left another email again on Saturday and included the store manager in the email and still have not heard back from anyone and it's Monday night.

I don't know who else to contact that actually gives a *** since I've already been to the top of the chain at the store.

I just want my trailer back and not ever have to go back there again. My trailer has been there for 5 weeks and don't know when I will get it back.

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