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I was working with Ben from Camping World of Woodstock regarding a 1999 Windsport for $14,990. We live over 6 hours away from Woodstock but were willing to make the trip to purchase the rv.

Between texts and conversations we told him that we had cash to put down and were going to finance the rest. This text took place the weekend before we were planning to head there. The last text I received from him stated "do you need any info for the financing?" My understanding of this statement was that he was asking if we needed any info from him i.e. finance rates, length of loan etc....

Friday March 17th I texted him and said that we were planning to leave at 6am the next morning and would be there around 12-12:30. I then texted him once we were on the road the next morning to say we were on our way. I then sent him another when we were about an hour away to say we were on schedule and would be there about 12:30. When we got there we asked for him at the reception desk and he came out within 5 minutes.

He said Tracy the delivery specialist would be out shortly to go over the rv with us and then sit down to do paperwork. I stated that my husband and I would like to go over it thoroughly before discussing financing. Ben asked what I meant by financing it, he said that they don't finance rvs that age, it's a 1999. I asked him why he didn't tell me that before we made the 6 hour trip.

He said he did and I showed him my texts and nowhere does it say they wouldn't finance it. This was the first thing that put a bad taste in my mouth. Then he said that the rv didn't have a mattress in it but that WE could buy one for about $100-200. Second thing that didn't sit well with us.

Again I asked him why he didn't tell us that before we made the trip and he said that he had just found out earlier that morning that there was no mattress. I looked at the pictures that HE had taken and sent to me and there was no picture of the bedroom up close but there was a picture from the front facing the bedroom. I zoomed in on that picture and you can clearly see that there is no mattress. I think that he purposely did not take a closer picture of the bedroom because it showed that there was no mattress.

So he lied to us. Third thing that was not very professional was I had asked him if they sold car dollies and if so how much were they. I had said they were about $1000-1500 but that we could rent one from U-Haul for about $35 and then shop for one later. I agreed that was a good idea, this conversation took place about a week before our trip.

When I asked about the car dolly he said that there was a U-Haul place close by. I asked him where and if they were open and also if they had a dolly. He said they should be open let me go found out where they are. He came back and said there were 2 U-Hauls within 5 miles.

I asked again if they were open and had a dolly. He again said they should be. I asked if he would find out please. He left and came back stating that they were open.

I had to ask a third time if they had a dolly, he said he didn't know but they should. I asked one more time to find out for me please and I never got an answer. We had now been there 30-40 minutes and hadn't even seen the rv. I asked the receptionist what was going on because we had a 6+ hour drive home.

She called Ben and he came out and took us to look at the rv. Tracy the delivery specialist never came out ever. My husband and I looked at the rv insde and out. My husband is an auto mechanic and looked over the outside in detail.

He saw that the tires were dry cracked and covered with Armorall to disguise the cracking. Ben then asked if we could come up with the remaining money. I asked if I could use a credit card to cover the balance and he said yes, but he would have to ask to make sure. My husband and I discussed it more and were really concerned about the cracking on the wheels and that there was no mattress.

Ben came back to us and stated that they would only allow us to put $4000 on a cc. He then stated that there is a check cashing place up the road that would cash a personal check. My husband I agreed that we weren't gping to do that. We also expressed our concern about the tires.

No reaction from Ben who then asked so your only concern is the tires. We said no and that we couldn't get all the money the way he suggested. I then said to my husband "let's start heading back, we have a long drive ahead of us." Ben said something to the effect of that he would contact me the beginning of the week and see if we were able to get a loan and when would we be back. We said we didn't know.

We wasted a trip, totaling over 12 hours, not to mention spent an entire Saturday on the road not returning with an rv. The complete experience was such a let down. My husband and I left feeling lied to and that we had received horrible customer service from everyone we encountered at the dealership. Also they didn't seem to want to help us get the rv by working with us.

For example if he had said that there was no mattress in the rv but that they were going to put one in that would've showed us that he really wanted our sale. Also when we mentioned that the tires were dry cracked he could've said that would replace them because he didn't want us driving the 6 hours back on bad tires. And the whole U-Haul situation was a big turn off. He could've looked into the location and hours and if they had a car dolly before we got there.

I have been in car sales and my husband currently works at a car dealership as an auto mechanic and knows what to look for on a used unit. Again the whole experience was a wasted trip.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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