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I also commented on the Camping World Facebook Page along with some other social media sites. On Facebook, it seems comments and complaints are removed by the admin of the page, so I noted that in my comment.

It took a couple of weeks, but I got a response to private message my concerns, and they would make sure it got in the right hands. I plan to forward this whole page to them. I can only hope that it actually goes further than the last *** I spoke with that reverted it back to WHO I was complaining about instead of starting an investigation on them.

I can play nice and be patient most times, but you mess with safety and then tuck tail and don't own a mistake that could kill people, I am DONE and nice is the last thing you'll see. For Camping World Corporate to continue to ignore this is blatant disregard that people's lives matter as well, or employing pure ignorance at the levels I have dealt with so far.

Original review posted by user Jan 05, 2016

Back in the winter of 2014, we hired Camping World in East Ridge, TN to do some bodywork to our motor coach after a slip on ice. We also had them do a laundry list of maintenance items while it was there. They had it in their possession for OVER FOUR MONTHS, never plugged it in, and the on board batteries all went dead because they weren't allowed to recharge. Then of course they tried to sell us new batteries. We had given them a deadline we needed it for a trip we had planned. After all that time, IT STILL WAS NOT COMPLETE and we were expected to take it on the trip half done and bring it back to finish when we returned! This job was over $12000. from our insurance plus what we were paying for the extra maintenance. I would've hoped a 40ft motorhome would've been sitting in the way at some point! The management team (Rick, Service Manager) never followed up with a schedule to make sure we were done ahead of schedule.

Fast forward to fall of 2015. My husband, being the kind soul he is, decided to take the coach for a second chance at Camping World. He had built a connection with a guy working there that has an identical one to ours. I still don't understand the loyalty, because he doesn't work on ours, and they treat is like ***. Our airbags that lift the coach to drive it were leaking. They get old and dry rot. It was time to replace the two rear ones at least. Now if I know this, Joe Blow working at the front desk should know this in my opinion. My husband had this conversation on the phone when he made the appointment to take it in. They knew what it was, and all of the details, and when we would need it by. They were also supposed to service it for us to take on a trip and re-seal the roof. When the appointment was made, and the timeframe they had was given, it was understood by both parties, that yes they could complete it. My husband called the day it was supposed to be ready to see when would be good to come after it, and as our gut feeling told us, they hadn't even started on it. He gave them one more day, and Rick, the service manager, assured him, he would have it ready. Then there was a panic phone call from Rick that the roof had hail damage and they couldn't just re-seal it. This was a day before we were scheduled to leave for South Texas where Hurricane Patricia was coming up from Mexico. Yes, we needed a roof that wasn't leaking! It was agreed that they would seal the roof the best they could and when we got back we would bring it in for a new roof and start a claim process. What Mr. Rick is not aware of is that I was on the other end of the phone as well and heard the conversations he had with my husband. At no time did he explain to him that these airbags would not be fixed in time or that it wouldn't be safe to take. We go to pick it up the next day, I drop my husband to deal with the details because I had an appointment. We are picking it up a day later after all, and trying to leave town. We were up until midnight loading for this trip, because we were hauling heirloom nursery furniture to deliver to Texas, and had to get there before the baby arrived. Needless to say, we had a guardian angel with us. We never made it ten miles.

Let me explain this the way the mechanic at Camping World did the next afternoon, and several mechanics after him as well. Air bag suspension inflates like a balloon. When the air starts leaking, it makes an awful noise at 70 mph, like hitting rumble strips x10. Then it locks up your airbrakes. The driver has no control. At this point, you say a prayer and hope no one is in the way, because the jolt can brake the chassis lose from the coach, and you can literally have 40 ft of house with a car in tow going one direction out of control and the chassis is going another direction. Well yes sir, when our air bags blew, we were also going downhill in traffic!!! Thank goodness my husband kept his wits and was able to get the RPMS up to keep enough air in the bags to regain control and to get us back to Camping World. I got Rick on the phone and told him we were having control issues and no way could we drive this on a 2000 mile trip, we were on our way in with it and he better be there. The coward never showed his face! We ask for him by name and had him paged, and he never came. He sent a mechanic to advise us after we waited almost 45 minutes. That mechanic was cocky and arrogant and then told us what could've happened. He said that even if he had the parts for ours, he couldn't work on ours because he was working on someone else's that was promised two weeks prior, and that was why he was working on his Saturday as it was. I immediately got on the Internet as we sat there and started calling other trucking places and all of them gave me the same scenarios and told me how lucky we were.

This isn't over. This has just begun. I called a corporate number to register a complaint last week. I feel that this is a huge safety issue that needs to be addressed. Not only could we have been killed that day, but easily the people in the three other cars around us could've been injured or worse. Let me tell you how that call was handled so far. RICK called my husband to see what he could do for us. When my husband was busy, he made the mistake of calling me. Camping World Corporate, seriously?!?! We are so much more than through with the local service department. When someone reports to you a complaint about a service department and a person that should be investigated, and it rolls back to that person to handle, you get what you deserve. I'm going on every social media site I can find and broadcasting how shady this service is before someone DIES.

His main idea of "making it right" was "did you get the roof fixed yet? That's an insurance claim". Yep, been there, done that with you too. I don't care if this thing falls apart going down the road, or a tornado hits it, you have ruined the whole RV experience for me. I do not feel safe in one ever again thanks to you. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes as we danced across three lanes of road and felt like we were going to roll any second. I still don't feel safe going face to face with him either, because I don't think I could control myself. Rick mentioned something about being number 1 & 2 at something. Sorry I missed it, my ears were ringing from my blood pumping. All I could think was I flush number one and two. It means nothing to me! They have proven NOTHING to me that they could earn a cent of my money. They don't realize the ripple effects this kind of incompetence creates, nor what it cost people out of pocket and of their lives. Let me share a few details.

The end of this story for those still reading that care is, we took our RV elsewhere for the airbag repairs and he had it done in less than a week. We had to drop our tow car for some suspension repairs while out of town as well, that were damaged from the jolting around on the tow dolly. Thank goodness we had another vehicle to rush to Texas in to get there in time for the birth of our granddaughter! We left a day later, driving straight through, which put us in the middle of driving in Hurricane Patricia for 7 hours. We had to find a place to stay, and figure how to pay for it, because our RV was also our living arrangements for two weeks. I had to cancel those arrangements last minute, and pay cancellation fees. We had to off load our clothes, groceries, etc, and find last minute care for our elderly dog that we could no longer travel with. Somewhere in repacking, some clothes got lost in the shuffle and left behind, so we ended up having to shop for a few things once we got there. Once home, the home care we had arranged for the dog wasn't as trusted as thought, and now have to replace some carpet, because the dog used it like grass for two weeks. The nursery furniture STILL needs to get to Texas, I just need to recoup from all of this other expense to afford to rent a truck and time to take it or ship it. My granddaughter is sleeping in a pack n play because she is now two months old and her room still isn't ready. At least we are alive to enjoy her! Grand total for this ripple effect from this service experience out of pocket...yeah we won't go there. So thanks again Camping World for your stellar customer service in your service department. If there were minus stars I could rank you with, you would be at the extreme bottom.

The lack of concern and lack of quality I have seen in performance even when we were shopping for an RV, I wouldn't recommend Camping World to purchase a bottle of water or a roll or toilet paper. The RVs on the lot for sale were disgustingly filthy and they did nothing to stage them or detail them to make them appealing at all. I am over the WHOLE experience with them! One thing could have taken care of this,problem before it started and that is HONESTY. If someone would have been realistic and honest when my husband initially called to make the appointment, and just said "I'm sorry, we are so inundated right now, there is no way we can promise to have it done by then, we hate to, but we recommend if you need it for travel, you take it elsewhere". We would have much rather done that than be going through everything we are now.

Reason of review: Terrible service department.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Re-train and educate your front team and manager. He could have cost us our lives! They need serious scheduling help and follow up skills and knowledge about the workings of RV's. We personally have no plans of returning for round 3, even if it were free..

I didn't like: Service department, Service not done in time communicated.

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