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Quick synopsis so you don't have to read my sob story but you might not waste your time on this sorry excuse for a company:

1. If you call you will talk to the front desk, then be transferred to an unanswered voicemail. EVERY TIME. No one will call you back either. Just ask to talk to the manger.

2. No on can give you a clear answer for anything

3. Plan to drive to the store at least 4 times before you are done no matter how far away you might live

4. When you think you finally done with their nonsense, you might be about halfway there.

5. Don't expect anyone to apologize for anything. Including but not limited to; unanswered calls, unclear answers, incorrect paperwork, wait times, etc.

Absolutely awful! My husband and I did research on a camper that was on the lot. We came in knowing what we wanted. No one had to "sell" anything to us. However, we almost walked away during the paperwork because everything was so messed up. No one could give us a clear answer on anything. We live almost two hours away and would have loved to be able to drive off with it that day. It became clear that that wasn't going to happen but we were fine with that. They charged our bank account $5,000 (our down payment) BEFORE they ever told us what the final price of the camper would be. We got that figured out finally and agreed on a price. This was on a Saturday so we understood that they would have to hear back from the credit union before we could move forward so we left. We were assured everything would be fine and we could come pick up the camper Monday once Camping World called us. Monday we didn't hear anything from anyone so we called. We talked with someone at the front desk who directed our call elsewhere. From there we got a voicemail. No one ever called us back. Tuesday morning I called again and got the same go around; talk to the front desk, then transferred to an unanswered voicemail. I called back 4 hours later to get the same run around. Mind you, we are now a day past when we were told we could pick it up AND have already put the $5,000 down. Between my husband and I we called 3 more times that day with zero response. Finally when I got the front desk for the final time that day I asked to speak to the manager. Come to find out NO ONE EVER FILED OUR PAPERWORK! The credit union hadn't even been contacted. They never apologized, they just said "things had been really busy because of a sale that they had for July 4th." We finally figure out that we can come pick up the camper on Thursday and set up all the appointment, etc. So we think we are in the clear. I am not free on Thursday but my husband is. I get a call that not all paperwork is signed so they need me at this appointment too. So I have to leave work early and drive the two hours there to sign what I later find out my husband could have. Later that day he drives the two hours to actually pick up the camper. We finally think we are done. Think again!! Nothing is ever done with this company. I get a frantic call on Friday saying that they had me sign the WRONG PAPERWORK when I left work early and drove a totally of 4 hours so I would need to come back in. No - they could not fax it or mail it. I had to come there. So off I went, AGAIN! No one ever apologized for their mistake. My husband and I actually went out to celebrate being done with Camping World that night. Then I get another call. They didn't save the document that had my pay stub so they would need that ASAP. I cried. I begged my husband just to take the camper back because such a company did not deserve our money. Almost 4 weeks later, my husband and I are getting ready for a trip to North Carolina and realize our tags haven't come in. We were never given a temp tag so this was vital to our upcoming trip. So I just called and guess what happened - talked to the front desk, then transferred to an unanswered voicemail. OF COURSE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yep, thats prettymuch the norm for CW.That's why I tell people not to go there for anything.

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