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We had been looking for a different couch or chairs for our class c motor home. we have only 22 in.

in in our door way so saw some pieces in the camping world brochure and thought we would look into them as they were narrow enough to get them into our RV and than put them together and make a small cough with recliners.Saw them at another camping world in Washing on our travels and decided to order at Redding, Ca where we live. The brochure said 112. to put into our motor home, bu it turned out to be per piece. Also talked about charging us for shipping to the Camping Location and even charging 7.50 for shop rags.

We were not happy as the way it was written in the brochure not 112. per piece and got pretty expensive. We happened to come across a co named Best and bought in Redding locally. This couch backs come off and fit veery easily into the RV.

Good company and seems to be made well and very nice looking. Saved us about 300.

My husband installed it himself...for those wo have this problem check with the Best.

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So you're pissed because you shopped around, did not buy from one place where you did the math and realized it was per item, then found a better source and it all worked out? Or are you pissed because you type like c r ap, can't spell and have bad grammar?

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