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The 2003 Minnie Winnie was advertised on the Internet for $29,995, can we just say 30 grand?Anyway, my wife and I went to look it over and liked what we saw, but I don't buy the first one I see so I did some more research.

While I was there I asked him how much my payment would be if put $10,000 down and financed $20,000. He said about $200 a month if I wanted to go 10 years. Didn't even ask about interest rate, when you have a credit score over 800 you can take your time finding the best place to refi if you get a raw deal. That sounded reasonable even without crunching the numbers.

The next day I called the salesman and offered $28,000 providing everything works. No guarantee how long, no warranty, but at least nothing major to fix, just small stuff. After consulting the "powers that be" he called me back and accepted my offer and emailed me a copy of the sales agreement. I was supposed to come back in 3 days to close the deal but a guy called and said they had an "issue with the slide" and asked if I wanted it fixed.

Of course I wanted it fixed, everything was supposed to be in good working order or no sale, remember? So I waited about two weeks, had to order parts from Winnebago. Meanwhile the salesman called and asked if anyone told me this was a consignment sale. I said no but what did I care?

Then he said they were selling it for an old lady who had a lot of medical bills and asked if I'd consider coming up $1,700 on the price. That one had me scratching my head, first time I ever had a salesman try to Jew me up. When I finally went to sign the papers the salesman/finance officer said the bank, Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio, would only go 7 years on the loan and my payment would be about $300 a month. They had forgotten about the $1,700.

I agreed, always the refi. Then came the pitch for the add on insurance, gap insurance, roadside assistance and travelers assistance, whatever that is. I could not have been more adamant about not wanting any junk insurance. No but *** no!

So I took my little Minnie Winnie home. In a couple of weeks I got a payment book from Huntington Bank, $311.72 a month for 84 months. When I found out they charged me 6.49% interest I went to my local bank to refi at 3.4%. When my bank called for the payoff balance they said it was $20,999.

Turns out $2,999 worth of junk insurance was built into the loan. I guess they figured since I didn't say anything about the payment I wouldn't notice they had stolen $2,999 from me. So, in round figures, I ended up paying $31,000 for a $28,000 motor home. Worst thing is I can't refi without buying the damned junk insurance.

I called the finance department @ Camping World Oklahoma City and raised oh Billy *** about it. I went in to sign a paper to remove the unwanted insurance from the loan. The *** finance manager sarcastically said " this won't lower your payment" to which I replied " it will when I refinance it".

The $2,999 is supposed to be taken off of the principal amount in about 4 weeks.Watch this space, might have to take the crooked bastards to court.

Review about: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.


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I resent your reference to the salesman trying to "Jew me up" .

Now I don't care what happened to you.

Were I as vindictive as yourself, I should hope that the entire episode has caused you annoyance and cost lots of money.

You aren't very bright as you clearly failed to read the documents you signed for Huntington Bank.

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