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We are happy with Camping World of Indiana now.They paid us for the batteries and are taking care of the other things we need done under warranty.

The Service Department was always very good, we were upset about things not found before we took delivery, I still maintain they need to do better inspections before they hand things off to people.Moral of the story is, make sure you bring an inspector who knows what they are doing before you take delivery on a new RV, especially if it is a previous model year.

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Don't believe one word Bobby Lee at Camping World in Greenwood, IN tells you if you know what is good for you.We bought a previous model year RV that was supposedly "new" about 6 weeks ago.

We have made 3 visits for repairs so far. All of the issues should have been fixed before they ever gave it to us to drive off the lot, and were caused by the staff taking it out on joy trips (supposedly to RV show but they told us they take RVs out on joy trips) and being left out in the winter without being properly winterized (at least not the batteries). The worst thing is the batteries, because it was a previous model year and sat on the lot, they let the batteries freeze in the winter time and we were told that was why the batteries would not hold a charge (by a different Camping World). We had to put in 4 new batteries plus installation, a $700 cost that is completely Camping World of Greenwood Indiana's fault, but we have not been able to recoup the funds from them.

They will not return our phone calls and we finally had to file a grievance with Camping World corporate, but we don't know if that will get us the resolution we deserve. We had to pay to have them clean the RV but it was very dirty in most places. They didn't inspect anything or catch any problems before they gave it to us, and the fixes to problems THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for were made under our warranty, don't be like us....find the problems and make them fix it BEFORE you pay, you should not have to pay for issues they caused.

We are disgusted and will never buy from Camping World again, if we ever want to upgrade we will find a more reputable dealer.NEVER buy from this dealer without hiring a reputable inspector to check everything (because camping world will NOT do it and if you are on your first RV like us you will NOT know what to look for) make them let you take it for a ride on the highway so you can hear what is loose (we had a couple of things) and keep in mind that they only want your money and don't care about you at all, buyer BEWARE!

Review about: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I do have one more thing to say right now though, Camping World in Bellville, MI is excellent.They were really down to earth and the nicest people to deal with and they did a good job and were very fair to us, even though they were a collision place and are not even selling our type of coach (he said yet, but I tell you if they start selling I know where I will go if I want to upgrade).

They could not honor our warranty for the batteries because Camping World of Indiana is responsible (they are the ones who left it out in Winter and let the batteries freeze, then sold it to us like that).The 2 RV places are polar opposites, Camping World of Belleville MI is excellent, Camping World of Greenwood IN is horrible and you should run as fast as you can in the other direction from them!


I doubt they will do anything to resolve this but I am waiting to see if they do, however I doubt it.I wish I had read reviews before I purchased from Camping World.

If they don't resolve this, I will warn everybody I meet in the RV world and post all over RV forums and the Internet to stay away from them, they don't realize how good I am at complaining, but they will if they don't make this right!I haven't even said all I want to say on here yet because I am waiting to see what they do.


Cut your losses and stay away from them from here on out, if you continue to try and get satisfaction you will just get more disappointment.


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