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Very disappointed with Camping World in Katy, TX.The service rep was Jessie. Jessie said he would be over my RV getting everything done and ensuring it was done right.

While my RV was in the shop for washing , Waxing, headlight adjustment and body repairs i lived in an hotel at $75.00 a night.2 weeks later i was called to get my RV. Jessie pulled it up and nothing was done right. I had wax that was not removed all over the place. On the lights, parts of the body and windows.

I told him this was uncalled for and he told me to come back in 2 days. I did so. He pulled up the rv and it was the same way as before. I told him to fix it and was told he would call me.

About a week later i was called to have the same problem. Jessie did nothing to get the problem fixed. I asked if the headlights were adjusted and he told me he stood there while they were adjusting it. i told him i could not see at night the way they were at the moment and it was a safety hazard for me.

He assured me they were corrected. I had notified the main office about the wash and wax and got a refund.Well 3- 4 months later i need to head home in the dark. GUESS WHAT! The head lights were not adjusted.

I had to stop for the night and get someone else to adjust it.If you want to go somewhere that will take you money and do a S****y job go to Camping World in Katy, TX and speak with Jessie. He will not do his job, does not care about your safety, waste your money and time. I will not go there for repairs again. If it was not for being in the Good Sam Club i would not go there at all.

I am looking for another RV and will NOT buy from them that is how pissed i am with this company. Also the paint job is bubbling up again with corrosion underneath.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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