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I purchased a Class-B motor home from Camping World, Jacksonville, FL on or around 15 May 2015. We have used it only three times since the purchase. I realize it was “as is” when I purchased it. I have no complaints about the RV at all.

After a trip we took in mid August, the generator stopped working. I was in no hurry to have it repaired because I wasn’t planning on using it for a while.

I made an appointment to have it repaired on Tuesday, 13 October 2015, just prior to a weekend trip with it on the 17th. When I called on the status on the 14th, I was informed it was still waiting in line to be checked out. The same response was given on the 15th. When I called on the 16th, the day before I was leaving on my trip, the service manager, Jose, told me they were a week behind and the my vehicle wouldn’t be in the shop until the following week. I picked it up that afternoon because I needed it for the weekend. Jose told me I wouldn’t lose my place in the ***. Why wasn’t I informed when I made the appointment that they were a week behind so I could have saved time and concern for the week it was at Camping World?

I returned my motor home to Camping World n the 20th and, true to his word, Jose took my keys and mine was next in line for service. However, the good service ended then.

I waited several days to call for status. When I was finally able to receive some status, Jose told me that they changed the spark plug and CLEANED the air filter. They were able to start the generator, but it ran really rough. It probably needed the carburetor cleaned or replaced. The repair cost would be about $515.00. I gave verbal approval for the repairs.

Several days of testing and many calls to check on status passed with no positive information or results. On the 28th of November the problem was still elusive. On the 29th of November, Jose told me they finally found the problem and repaired the generator. All that remained was for them to do was assemble everything and run a final test with it installed on the motor home. What fixed the problem was they REPLACED the air filter. Jose told me my motor home would be ready Friday afternoon, 30 October, or Saturday morning, 31 October, at the latest.

I received no word from Jose on Friday so I assumed it would be ready Saturday morning. I called and left 2 messages on Jose’s voice mail between 10:00 and 11:30 AM. I told him that I was leaving on a week trip the following week and I needed the RV before then. He finally called me around 12:25 PM and told me the technician that was to work on it didn’t come to work and it would be done Monday even if he had to do it himself.

On Monday, 2 November, at 9:04 AM Jose called me and told me my motor home was done and ready to pick up. He told me the cost would be in excess of $740.00. I don’t remember the exact cost. However, it was much more than the $515.00 quoted for the replacement or cleaning of the carburetor. They only replaced the spark plug and air filter, which could have been done initially instead of just CLEANING the air filter. When I arrived to pick up my RV, I asked Jose a few questions. The 1st one was, “Does the generator run on diesel or propane?” His response was that he didn’t know but the way the lines were run he guessed it was propane. He asked me if I tried running it with different fuel. I responded, “How could I if it was connected to the motor home?” I asked Jose why the cost was so high. He told me that I had to pay for the removal of the generator, all of the testing/labor that was performed, the replacement of the air filter, and the final assembly/testing of the generator. Jose also told me the auxiliary battery needed to be replaced for the generator to really work properly, for an additional charge. He told me the generator wouldn’t work unless the RV was hooked up to external power. I told him that if I was hooked up to external power, I didn’t need the generator. That is the reason I took my RV in for repair, the generator wouldn’t start and run.

I asked Jose about the excessive cost for the repair. He said the generator had to be removed from the RV, a 3 hour job in itself, to change the spark plug and air filter. If true, how could they replace the spark plug and clean the air filter when they initially started the repairs? That is contrary to what he told me in October. He also told me they had to run more tests to determine why the generator was running rough. They finally had to reassemble everything. Jose told me that the technician that started the repairs no longer worked for Camping World and they had to call an independent contractor, KENT’S Mobile R. V. Generator Service, to finish the work.

Jose took $40 off of my bill to appease me. He said normal rate was $125/hour and he was charging me $95/hour. At $30/hour times 6 hours (3 removal and 3 installation of generator) not counting all of the troubleshooting time equates to $180. Much more than the $40 break he was giving me.

If they would have REPLACED the air filter and spark plug when they first started working on the motor home instead of CLEANING the air filter, my RV would have been finished 2 weeks earlier and would have cost approximately $500 less even if they had to replace the battery.

Fortunately, I am a local and really wasn’t inconvenienced too much by the entire process. However, it was very frustrating. What would have happened if I would have been traveling from out of state and needed my RV repaired being on a tight time schedule. From the time I initially took my RV to Camping World, Jacksonville, FL service department on the 13th of October until I picked it up on the 2nd of November, was 21 days. That would have delayed my vacation, cost me approximately $500 more than necessary, require my wife and me to obtain a motel room, and rent a car. That is entirely UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Especially since I bought the Class-B motorhome to eliminate the need for rental car and motel rooms.

In addition to the frustration, I was required to pay for the incompetence of the service department! The handling of entire maintenance process was UNETHICAL and boarders criminal. I am actively looking for another service center to have my motor home repaired, when needed. I am going to a local propane company to have my propane serviced rather than go to Camping World, Jacksonville. I strongly encourage everybody I know that owns a RV to use any other RV company’s service center for their RV repairs.

It is my intention that this letter will instigate changes in Camping World, Jacksonville service department to make it more efficient, effective, competent, customer friendly, and honest so other customers receive world class service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Always two sides to every story


Good luck trying to change anything within the camping world organization. Promise you the world before the purchase.

Then soon after you sign the papers, you are dead to them. My advice, purchase elsewhere.

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