I can tell you they hide and wont tell you known defects or damage. I have seen and told not to tell the customer about a missing fresh water tank.

Told not to say anything about fender damage. Told not to say anything about a missing drain or stove that is damaged. They just want your money and " get out". The sales guys have no idea on what they sold.

I have seen parts ripped off other campers to put in ones going out the door. So, I have also seen ones being sold where the furnace and water heaters were gone and not to tell the customer.

It was rob Peter to pay Paul.

Very unethical company , no morals and a dog eat dog back stabbing employees.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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I also work at CW and I don't see anything like this. Sounds like a disgruntled previous employee.

I see people working hard in service and sales all around me at my store.

Rv's are like traveling homes and have problems they aren't perfect but the travel and memories you make owning one are priceless...the good and the bad.

to campingworldworker Akron, Ohio, United States #853501

where ? what town?

you must be the manager covering your butt.

to campingworldworker North Tonawanda, New York, United States #902165

I've experienced it so I know what he says is true they are truly theives and from what I've read campingworld seems to be a breeding ground . Take your money and run should or maybe is their motto laughing all the way to the bank

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