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I had the worst experience at Camping World of Woodstock. I have a 700+ credit score, but the sales staff are so racist and prejudice that they actuaily treat the "afro-american" buyer like they are doing us a favor by purchasing their products.

They have a "so-called" black sales slave there by the name of (Abraham Grant) that is so sold out for the management and finance staff that he also will treat the black consumer the same way that a "mammy" would treat a "field-slave." They would not even consider nogiciating the price with me, they shoved the RETAIL price in my face and then looked at me as if there would be no type of negociations on this RV. I was given the ok on the deal and finance would be posible with 10% down and $4000 in fees, WOW! When i tried to negociate the price with the salesperson, that turned him and is finance guy off to the point where the sales slave told me that he was not going to take any counter offers back to the finance office. That told me that is was time to go.

When i returned home, got an email from the sales slave, it was generic, and i responded by calling him and say "i would consider paying the 10%, but at least give me $500 off the retail price. He lied to me, said that he would run it past the finance racist white guy nd give me a call in about 20 mins. Nevertheless, 2 hours passed, i called the manager and he already knew the deal. He gave an excuse that the sales slave "Abraham "yes-sir-massa" Grant was at lunch and the financing offer was no longer available to me.

Well, all i have to say is that I contacted my attorney and we'll be discussing the issue to see if we have a case of "racial discrimation" and from what i can see, this was the worst experience that i've ever had while trying to give my money to a business. I guess my black dollars are not the same as the dollars of others.

Please give this dealership a call and inform them that you don't participate in businesses that discriminate against people of color. I'm sure they will know exactly what you're talking about.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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No’s simply Camping World at their finest. You can go after them via the legal system however if you read the posts you’ll notice it’s not discrimination it’s simply the way they operate. Do yourself a favor and never purchase anything from CW instead go to a well established family dealership who will treat you with respect and earn your business during and after the sale.


They did you a favor, spend your money at a good family owned RV business. You will get better service after the sale.

Camping world is a big evil corporation ran my a sinister man with no soul. Thank You for not spending any money there.

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