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In mid January 2017, I purchased a brand new 2017 Fleetwood Bounder from the Camping World in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I have owned bumper trailers, fifth-wheels and large toy haulers, but this was the first Class A I had ever bought. The salesmen were great and overall it was a pleasurable experience, but most experiences are when you drop $195,000+ in a store.

There were factory/warranty issues with the RV from the start, but that is to be expected. In fact, there was only one set of keys and the other set was missing. I told the sales reps and service manager that I was uncomfortable with driving off the lot with only one set of keys, but they assured me they were ordering another set from the factory that day. A month went by before I was finally able to get an appointment to get my camper in for the warranty issues; I asked about the keys. The customer service rep stated that they had not yet ordered the keys, but would get that done. 45 days went by and my camper was finally complete, so I went in to pick it up. Again, I asked about the keys and they stated that they had not yet ordered them, but would “get right on it”. We took our RV on its first long trip, and found other warranty issues that needed to be addressed. This is understandable on new campers/RVs. it took 2-3 weeks to finally get a service appointment and I demanded a second set of keys be expedited so that I could pick them up with my camper. Another 60 days went by and my camper was finally complete. This time, the service reps stated that the keys had been ordered, but that it would take six weeks for them to arrive from the factory. Despite my thorough disappointment, all I could do was wait.

Six weeks later, I called in to see if my keys had arrived, but the service manager stated that they were still waiting on them and that they should arrive soon. I waited a few more weeks, and physically went into the store to check on the status; they were still not it – though at that point there was little surprise. I contacted Good Sam to see if they could intervene, but the most they could do was put me into contact with the Good Sam Rapid Response Team, who then put me back in touch with the store manager (Jason); the very store that continually failed to provide the keys. Jason stated that if I came into the store, again, he would have someone go to a local hardware store and have a set made since the factory was not providing the set. I told him that my work schedule would be very busy over the next month, so I would try to come in. Honestly, I hoped the factory would just send them; but that was not the case.

Nearly six (6) months after I bought the RV, I had still not received the second set of keys. Once again, I called Good Sam’s Rapid Response Team, and once again… Jason, the Council Bluff’s store manager, called me. Only this time, he began making excuses and placed the blame on my for failing to bring in my only set of keys. I was candid but reasonable. As he began placing the blame on me, I expressed my dissatisfaction over his excuses, blame, and distortion of the facts. He then proceeded to berate me and treated me as if I were being unreasonable for my dissatisfaction. Obviously, I hung up the phone because I will not be treated with that level of disrespect.

So fast forward to August, we took the RV on a trip to Montana and Canada and there was a myriad of issues (leaking water, lights that were out, the awning that wouldn't extend, and a list of other issues). We got back into town and I dropped it off for yet another warranty repair, and it took them about 3 months to complete the order. In November we took a quick trip down to Texas and the toilet leak had not been fixed and the shower nozzle kept popping off when I pressurized the system to use it. Both were supposed to be fixed 4 months prior. I contacted the dealer and they said they couldn't get me in anytime soon, so they sent me one part to fix myself and said they would send the part to fix the toilet (so I could fix it myself as well). In Janyary 2018, one year after the purchase, I still had not received the parts, so Scott (General Manager) had them expedite them to me (for the shower only). He said they'd get back to be on the toilet. It is now March, and their only resolution is to have me drop off the RV, for the 4th time in a year, and they will repair the toilet as soon as they can.

Given their past performance, I surmise they will have it for 3 months and still not repair the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I don't think it unreasonable to expect two sets of keys with a brand new Class A for almost $200,000.


I got the same problem with Camping World in Calera Alabama sold me over three thousand dollars worth of warranties and won’t stand behind any of them.


I won't deal with these people!


They had my Zinger Z-1 for 3 months to repair hail damaged siding, they kept saying that the siding kept being delivered bent, delivery took 3 weeks each time. We called corporate with no resolution.

When we got our camper back, we took it out for a weekend and discovered that water was leaking all over inside from where the water heater was. They had shoved the water heater back in and broke the electrical components on the back of the water heatet and did not hook the water lines back up, they also did not out the LED lights back on that came with the camper that ran along the canopy, and worst of all they had been using the bathroom, we knew because we flushed the tanks last fall but when we hooked up to sewer at tbe campground alot of *** flushed out of the tank! We are afraid to take it back for the water heatet issue! Our insurance paid them 12,599.00 and the workorder was 11,400.00!

They claimed that the rest was our deductable (which was actually 500.00). They are theives!


Same problems bad service and no repairs on my RV . I want my money back!

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