I purchased a Camper from Camping World in El Paso, Texas in July of 2016. After the purchase it had several things that needed to be repaired under warranty. Several defects in the manufacturing were identified. It was several weeks before the parts came in and at this point I needed to leave for Columbus, OH. I was not able to get the warranty work done. Mr. Peacock the rep from El Paso Texas that was handling my claims insured me that everything could be moved to the camping world in London, OH. I worked with London, OH for almost a year off and on. They attempted to fix several items, but were unsuccessful causing me to return it again. While in their care in August 2017 something started leaking in the bedroom ceiling and water damaged the bedroom. It was approved for repair. The only thing they repaired was the leak itself. The closets were damaged and full of mold when I received it back. I attempted to get these items repaired also with no success. I still owe $20,000 on this camper that I can't use. I have attempted to go through the manufacturer with no results. The camper was turned into Camping World London, OH again in March of 2018 with a promise that it would be done by this camping season. It is still there and I have lost money due to me prepaying for camp sites. I have a monthly payment of $500.00 I have to pay for something I can’t use. They have changed managers and employees at least twice I have been working with camping world London, OH for almost two years now for warranty repairs. I spoke with an attorney June 2018 and they could not help me because it has been over 18 months. (Burge Law Columbus, OH). The work again was said to be done on 12 Sept, 2018 and upon inspection on 13 Sep, 2018 it still has water damage inside it in several places. It is still in their care with no resolution. On 15 Sep, 2018 Tommy their service manager called me for a follow-up and stated that the roof was not repaired properly. He stated that it had to go through pressure testing. I told him this was not acceptable for it to take this long and obviously they are unable to repair it. I asked him to check with his management to exercise the lemon law. He stated no one at his store had that authority. Can you please help me with this situation? I want to give this camper back and receive a refund. I have used it only a few times and have been paying on it for over two years. It is obviously a lemon and they are unable to repair it.

Warranty Repairs that have not been completed or have been said to be completed but are unsatisfactory for a new vehicle.

Air Conditioner Freezes

Electric Stabilizers on the Rear Do not function

Awning Splitting from the camper against the wall

Chip in corner inside wall on the left of the slide out

Pantry Cabinet is water damaged and moldy

Bedroom closet is water damaged and moldy

Ceiling in the bedroom is water damaged and moldy

Light in bedroom is shorted due to ceiling water leak

Shower leaks near bathroom vanity

Walls and trim in bedroom improperly secured. Many extra nail wholes

POC at Camping World: Gabriel Bowling (Service Advisor): 614-879-9800 ext. 1214

*****Update: Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaint (13094485) September 2018

I submitted the above complaint to the BBB and received the following response

Camping World 1 October, 2018:

The RV came in in July for a temporary fix on the roof, than came back in on March 2018 to finalize the rest of the job.

Brian Jones

Camping World

Camping World 1 October, 2018:

We have parts on order and we are going to fix the problem with there RV, hope this helps….Thanks

Brian Jones

Camping World

I submitted the following response 1 Oct, 2018:

I am rejecting the response because: The response from the company is not an accurate assessment of the events. The camper has been in their possession sense March 2018 and is currently sitting at their location. I was told by the service manager (Tommy) that the camper was finished and ready for pickup in September 2018. Upon our inspection no repairs had been made. His response was they did not successfully repair the leak and it was all new damage. The damage to my camper was MAJOR not a minor roof leak. The damage caused mold on the walls, roof, and bed. Badly water damaged the bedroom closet to a point that it swelled and fell apart. Their negligence and timeliness off repairs has left me no avenue to claim the lemon law. The company should be held liable. There is no way they can guarantee there is no mold left in the camper and I cannot put my family at risk. I have lost two summers of camping and have had to pay on the loan. The response to this claim goes against the values camping world advertises in their store. I find it hard to believe senior management would allow this.


Michael Donaldson

Camping World 2 October, 2018:

Acknowledge customer concerns: We are waiting on parts to come in to fix it.

State the facts as you see them not emotions: It has a leak in the RV and we are going to take care of it. Its just like a house if the roof leaks you fix it you don’t get a new house.

Explain the actions you can and cant take to resolve concerns: Ordering new parts to take care of the concerns, We don’t build the RV’s but we have a great service department to fix them. Thanks,

Brian Jones

Camping World

I responded on 2 October, 2018:

I am rejecting the response because: I am not emotional a little frustrated. You say order the parts but I have been told that for over a year. It’s not a minor leak it’s a major leak that has destroyed most of the inside front of the camper. It has visible mold spores. I am concerned that the competence of the service technicians is not where it needs to be. The only thing I will accept at this point is to speak to senior management and you are probably not the professional I need to talk too. You have disregarded all my concerns and only focused on what makes you look good. Please do me a favor and read my concerns and then read your responses. They avoid what is important, the safety of my family. I was completely satisfied with the camper “besides that I have been paying on it for two years and only able to use it a few times and now its unsafe in my mind because of the mold”

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $27000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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