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Had an issue with another RV dealer that made an honest mistake, but they couldn't put us in the camper we wanted. Found the one we wanted at Camping World Kingston, NY.

I got a useless sales woman(not a chauvinist)on the phone that I had to explain everything to at least three times before she got it. My wife and are preapproved any ready to buy just looking for them to match or come close to the deal we had at the other dealer. Not an unreasonable request. I was completely forgotten about from this point. I'm not sure if she chose to because we had a great price that would have diminished her commission, or she was just that ***?

It gets better, when finally getting ahold of the so called sales manager...all he just wants is to see the deal from the other dealer, but also does not return calls so as to get his email to satisfy his request. after a couple request I finally get a email with the specs with all the prices removed and can't send a return email??? WTF

The lady that answers the phone tops it though....answer the phone is about she can handle, ask her for more and I can only picture a deer in the headlights. She is not only a complete *** she is rude, or just plain retarded. No one at this dealership has a clue. If you want to be ripped off go there! Buyer beware! If you want a deal it's not happening there!

Good luck.

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Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States #1242193

Just reading through the review I get a sense that the author is not employed by NASA.

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1242204

To even post such a response. I get a sense your not employed by nasa either.....

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