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We purchased a $100K, RV in Feb, they put in a solar panel system on in March that did not function very well and it took 1 1/2 months. We had hail damage in June it took 2 months to get estimate for our ins.

and another to order parts. This is Nov. An still no RV and they haven't even started on our RV as of 11/6/13.

No one will return our calls. So out of the 9 months we have had our new RV it has been in the shop for 5 of those months with no customer response

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Columbia, Missouri, United States #810714

As an employee, all they talk about is numbers. Run you like a mule.

Don't care if it's fixed right just get it out the door, make it look good or rig it so it works for now. Cheap on RIVA

testing certs so numbers look good. Fraud! Management has no respect for employees.

If you not a yes person they curse you

or talk bad about you to other employees even in front of yours. No

morals. It's about management bonus money . They will do whatever it take to get the sale but after that hold your hand on ***.

Buyers beware in Columbia Mo.

Service Mgr. is a joke, smoking


GM ex Sales Mgr. so get it done and out the door.

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