WOW !! What a horrible company to do business with.

Don't buy from them !! the service after the sale is terrible. He's why, First no one will return your phone calls except for the sales staff. I left 10 messages for the finance manager without so much as a return call over a 14 day period just in case he was on vacation, he wasn't.

When I was finally able to get in touch with him he ( in which I called him again ) said he didn't get any messages. Funny they were on his personal voice mail box. What do you think ?? Second, it's been 3 phone calls with contact with company employees and 3 months and I still have not received title to my trailer.

They said they are overworked and under staffed. Well fix it people !! Then I've been waiting over 2 months for a $300.00 rebate check for my GAP insurance. I did get one finally 2 weeks ago but it was made out to the bank instead of me.

I called and talked to the lady and she said send check back and she would reissue one to me. Well that's going on 2 weeks now and she won't return a call either now. I've left her 2 messages for her. I think all they want is your money and once they get that their done with you.

I would just bet that their service department is just as bad too. This company needs some serious management changes. I will never buy so much as a roll to T.P.

from Camping World in the future and I would recommend taking your business some where else as well. This is only my opinion but this is all honest information.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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Avoid their service departments if at all possible. Incompetent liars.


When I called my saleswoman said the finance woman can't call back because she has 5 kids-SERIOUSLY???

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