Camping World recently bought out Spaders in Sioux Falls. I purchased a new Reflection 5th wheel a year and a half ago.

Brakes stopped working. Took it in early May. A week later they called me and told me the brake issue had to be my pickup. I had already told them I proved myself that it wasn't.

Came back in with my pickup and they proved my pickup was fine (with their own test gear) They said they were going to connect it to one of their vehicles the next day to verify. I expecting a call in a couple of days. They didn't do it for two weeks. In the meantime, I left a couple of phone messages with their service dept looking for an update.

No response. Finally someone calls me and says they think it's the 7-by. (doesn't make any sense since the voltage and current measure normal on all 4 brakes) I was told my camper is in the shop right now and will be fixed right away. Didn't hear anything, so I started leaving phone messages nearly every day.

No response. Finally go pissed off and went there. They tell me they never got the messages because I didn't send them to a specific person. (Their phone system doesn't have that ability.

You have to have a human answer or know the person's extension. Nobody checks the service department's switchboard voicemail. Left a message with the service manager. I was told my a person behind the counter that he doesn't check his either.

It's now been over a month and my camper is still sitting on their lot "in queue". As soon as I get it back, I'm taking it to Schaap's and trading it for the Montana I wanted in the first place.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I just want my camper fixed and returned to me. .

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