Bought the motorhome and immediately realized it needed a second battery; no big deal as RV was already scheduled to come into service before we left the lot for bent poles that hold the scrapper mechanism on top of the slide. Took it in and they said they fixed it; when we picked it up looked the same but they are the professionals.

During trip scrapper completely tore when we got back message from camping world that they never did the work because parts were still in service area. Ok, whatever... Took it in along with complaint about radio not working "crackling to point you can't use "not what you want in something you'll be putting long hours in. Also have problem with the battery switch sometimes not working which means no power to inside of RV.

Checked on it after about a week and was told it was fixed "why they don't call I'll never understand". Went and got it, new scrapper was installed and they told us they replaced radio and switch fixed. Got about 2 miles and radio had same issue so turned around and took it back. Told me they'd see what was wrong after watching technician beat the *** out of the dash.

Checked back after a couple of weeks "no call again" and they said it was done. Went in and they told me radio is fine as long as I only use the back speakers; explained that was unacceptable and left it there. Called numerous times to check on status over next few weeks and finally they returned a call, they usually just let it go to voice mail and never call you back. Said they found a bad speaker on drivers door but they don't know who to order it through, either ford or thor.

Went and picked it up while they figured that out for next trip. After picking it up battery switch stopped working again; went on a forum and ole timer told me to rock the switch back and forth a bunch of times to see if that worked. It did....weird but RV got power and it worked fine after that. Went on next trip and wall of cabinet over fridge just fell in, then all the seals around vents fell out of channels, molding in bedroom fell off, battery switch stopped working again and water is coming into living area of RV every time it rains.

So had the RV for about 7 months, only 4 camping trips, and it is complete junk. Took RV in with this list of issues only to be told the awning is not all the way retracted, I explained that we retract it but as it goes down the road it sags out about 4 inches so they told us they would fix that as well. Now the RV has been in shop for nearly 30 days during the summer "I'm in Utah" so camping season is limited due to weather for this latest list of issues. We wanted to do some rafting so went to camping world to get some items out of RV and explained we expected it back by now so we needed to get into it for items.

After 30 days nothing has been touched, went back into service and they told us they are waiting on parts and get this that includes the radio speaker that was originally an issue when we first got it. They said, are your ready for this.....We have to determine who to order the speaker from, Thor or Ford. At which point we just shook our heads and walked out. Now we've had to cancel some trips due to no RV "SEEMS TO BELONG TO THEM NOW SINCE IT SPENDS MORE TIME THERE THAN ON MY PAD".

Been calling all morning and nobody will return a call to let them know we have a trip next week and would like the RV we purchased back. So now I'm going to have to go in and sit across from a service guy "name is Bo" absolutely horrible and he'll tell me what another service guy once told me when I had to do same thing "our mechanics don't have computers so we'll have to go over these one at a time to figure out where we're at.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $76000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Sale.

I didn't like: Do not return phone calls, Cannot seem to fix my rv, 50 days in service over the spring and summer, That my rv spends more time at camping world than with me.

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