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On April 11, 2015 my husband and I purchased a 2015 Columbus 340rk from Camping World of Spokane, Wa. We had been looking for a few weeks and fell in love with this unit. We recently moved up to Spokane and were staying in our 2006 Raptor. We have decided to camp host for 4 months then travel to see our kids in Alaska before we head over to the east coast for a few months. We decided we should upgrade to a newer fifth wheel before starting on this journey. I thought we would have less stress knowing we were not in an old unit. Well were we wrong! We were scheduled to pick up the unit on a Thursday, but was called and told they had to replace the circuit board on the jacks system so we could not pick it up until Saturday. Saturday came and we were so excited. They did a walk through with us, but they never showed us the jacks working. First we hooked the door latch on the front door to move a few things in from our old trailer and it ripped right off the door. We had not even left the parking lot yet. When we checked the lights before taking off noticed one side running light was not working. They opened it and found it was not even wired. We then hooked up and headed to the RV resort we were staying at which is an hour from Camping World. When we got there and started to use the automatic jack system it kept throwing an error and not all jacks would go down nor level the trailer. We did what we could to stabilize the trailer for now. In the morning my husband got up took his shower and went out to start putting things away in the storage compartment. He then noticed it was all wet. He removed the sidewall panel and notice where it was coming from. While the outside door was open I noticed a huge gap inside along the sidewall where daylight was coming in. We called Camping Worlds right away and they wanted us to bring the unit back. I said no they needed to send someone out to check things out. We have only had it for 1 day. On Tuesday the 14th they sent Josh who was great! He found the issue from the leak which was a cracked pipe and one pipe they installed so crooked they could not glue it properly. Then he started working on the jacks. He ended up coming back the next day to continue trying to get the jacks to work. Let me mention one of the main reasons my husband liked this trailer was for the self-leveling jack system. Which has yet to work. The next morning my husband again took a shower. I noticed water flowing out under the bathroom door. Josh ended up fixing the shower leak. Which ended up being another issue from install. They cut the bottom shower door tract too short and did not caulk it. We noticed things under the bathroom sink were wet and when my husband checked the pipes were loose and leaking. After this my husband started checking all pipes under sinks and found everyone was loose. After spending another day on the jacks Josh said he thought we would have to take the unit in. We then went to pull the gray water tank to drain for the kitchen and nothing came out. The sensor said 3/4 full. My husband ended up putting a hose up the drain outside and blowing and tons of pvc cutting debris from installing came out. It had clogged the drain. When I called Camping World to see when to bring in the unit they said bring it Friday. I told them that would not work, because we are living in it and if they can’t finish the work in one day the unit would sit all weekend and we would be homeless for days. We ended up scheduling to bring it in on Monday the 20th. We then got up to drive the hour to Camping World to drop off the unit and we could not get the back jack to manually go up. My husband had to disassemble part of it to get it to go up. When doing this found pin was bent. We checked into service and were helped by another Josh who was also great. Our service list consist of:

Customer work order # 5620

- Leveling system is not working, jacks do not stop, and they keep going.

- -Shower drain is leaking below floor in basement storage (pipe leading to holding tank leaking).

- -There is daylight showing from the floor- between ext wall and floor,

- -When using the stove getting a very low flame, LP tank full and gauge is on green until stove lit then it turns red.

- -Jack pin on back jack driver side bent.

- -2nd battery box installed wrong

- -Drawer under refrigerator does not stay closed.

- -Kitchen counter top pulling away from exterior wall.

- -Master bedroom window does not close right.

- -Top of showing surround has huge gap.


And since we had just moved to Spokane we do not know anyone and are living in the unit we had to sit in our truck with our 2 dogs and cat for 8 hours. When we returned they informed us they could not get the jacks working yet and had not gotten to all issues. We had to take the trailer back an hour to RV resort to get up again the next day to take it back for then to try working on things again. After another 7 hours sitting in our truck they said they were talking to Forrest River and they said the unit needed to be sent back to the factory to be fixed and they would not get it done until August. I was very upset by this point. Again this is not an option as we are living in the unit. We then spoke to Jon Burke who said he got the clearance from his boss to get us unto another unit and make things right. Justin Schwalls took us out to the lot and help us find another unit. We went through everything they had on the lot and did not like any of them. We felt like we had to settle for something we really did not like. And after spending this kind of money settling is the last thing we want to have to do. . After I completely broke down into tears I said I was done and just wanted to leave at this point. Jon Burke said to go online and see if we liked any units on the Camping World website and just let him know. I got up the next day and spent over 7 hours looking up every fifth wheel out there. Still not finding anything we called Jon Burke and let him know that we either want a 2016 340RK or we liked a Grand Design Solitude 368RD with the dinette table. He said the Solitude is not an option since they don’t carry them and he would check on the 2016 340RK. They said they received a 15-page report on how they can try and fix the wall separating issue in the shop, but no one has tried to do this outside of the factory. They said it would take at least 2 days to do this and this is only 1 one the issues to fix. During this 2 plus days where are we suppose to live? So we were not excited about this. Even if they fix this one problem we still feel like this unit is a lemon. We then we got a phone call from Ken Roberts letting us know Jon Burke had to leave due to emergency with his son. And if we want the 2016 340 RK we need to pay the difference from the 2015. He then informed us that we would have to trade in our new Columbus 340RK and would get a used value price since it is technically a used unit now. So here we are sitting with our mouths on the floor. Wondering what the ***. We just gave a check to Camping World for $75,069.14 and we have only have the unit for 11 days. Since we bought this unit nothing has worked right. And now we have to pay more money to get a coach that works right. I don’t see how this is right. We feel like we are getting totally screwed. We bought a total lemon!!!! . This is our fourth Forest River fifth wheel and we have never had any of our units in service ever. But at this point we would not recommend purchasing a Forest River product. And definitely let people know not to buy anything from Camping World.

Extremely unhappy customer,

Kenny & Sherrie Skutley

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Was this the first one you bought NEW, we are searching for a RV and these stories is causing me to reconsider, There is a Lemon law for cars, isn't there the same thing for these units, Did you contact a lawyer, I would of sued...

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