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Watch Out during the paper work! My fault because I was taken in by the smiles and backslapping, boy I made it easy for them.

Love my RV and satisfied with the price. BUT! After driving 180 miles from my home to pick up the Rv and finalize the walkthru at a 1:00pm appointment that happened at 4pm (8/8/14 Friday night) I got in a hurry and signed paper work and hit the road to get back before dark. When reviewed the paper work (8/16/15) I had paid $11,000 for $6000 worth of warranties.

I faxed a Cancel Request right then. Of course all calls went to a VM. Tuesday I finally got a return call from a sales manager, he said price was a mistake and would change if I kept ,I said no. Later I got email from the finance guy Craig Manes, (The one that I let screw me) he said it was to late to stop paper work (now remember it was Sunday the 16th) and would have to wait 4-6 weeks for a refund but my payments would remain the same loans would just be paid off sooner.

Lucky for me I can pay off in full which I will, did get a fair interest rate. Plus I didn't have half my paper work copies I signed. I really screwed myself, my fault. Just very disappointed with trying to cancel and lies told to stop me from canceling.

CW has no customer service . This is just a short of the whole story. Point is as saying goes ,Buyer be aware of sheep in wolf clothes. Sad, I really wanted a good relationship with CW, thanks to Little Rock that won't be.

Thankfull there is Amazon for accessories and good mobile RV guy that can handle most of my appliance and such for any need warranty work near by. I did purchase better polices for a 1/3 of CW from WW. Also getting full road master tow and brake install for $2800 vs CW $4200 for my toad.

Copied the Little Rock CW General Manager Hans Maclennan on all emails, never heard for the guy. Yep, he was one of the smiling backslappers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Treat customers fair, be up front , they will make more money and have a loyal customer .

I liked: Products.

I didn't like: People.

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