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I have read many of the complaints and as a ex employee of camping world in service I can tell you its not always the employee's fault, the work load from about april until september is way to much, at times I had 100 plus customers I was working with, I could book appointments for the shop a week or 2 ahead of time and when the customers came in and dropped the campers off they may not get into the shop for a week or 2, the shop work is controlled by shop dispatchers and has nothing to do with the front counter advisor that checked you in but the front counter advisor is the person that get beat up all day long for things totally out of their control, next after the camper finally gets into the shop and its discovered a part is needed it on average takes another 7 to 10 day to get the needed part, again the front counter person gets beat up because parts are not available, the front counter advisor position sucks, next time maybe give the front counter person a break before you rip off their face for things out of their control, last did I mention most of the service tech's have very little to no training to work on your campers, very true when camping season starts every spring camping world will hire anyone to work on your camper. Another dirty little secret is when they sell you the maintenance services on your furnace, generator, refrigerator, roof ect most of the tech's have no clue what they are doing and do not perform the service as it should be done and actually joke about screwing the customers, there is a big disconnect between the camping world retail store and the repair shop, shop tech's hate most of the services sold in the retail store and don't complete them as they should.

Another dirty little secret is that paying service customers get pushed aside no matter how long they have been scheduled or waiting to get into service as soon as the sales department sells units, I have heard it right from the general managers of the dealership, I don't care about service customers my sales unit go to the front of the line. My advise if you want to buy or service a camper stay away from the chain mega stores, try dealing with a place that has a owner you can actually speak with if you have a problem.......good luck

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just the way Marcus wants his stores run . He's the thief of thieves .I

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