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On July 11th, I submitted my list of complaints. 1 week later I emailed for a lack of response, she replied with, I will get on this right now. Today I am still waiting, so here is my list of concerns.


I will start with the good words, Ray, the tech in Conway that worked on my

vehicle was super.He did a very neat install. He stayed late so I didn't

need to drive a 3rd time. He also took the time to explain the hook up for

flat towing as well as the Jeep process. The Jeep process wasn't exactly

like the manual but I appreciated his efforts.

1. Not sure how I could have ended up talking to the wrong store in NH but

I called the number I was given and asked for the service dept that could

price out the flat tow package for my Jeep. After communication several

time with Brett Hartford, I discovered the signature line for him was in

Chichester NH. From there I contacted Tim in the Conway store to get it

straightened out. Tim suggested I contact Brett to get the part I special

ordered refunded so the Chihester store could ship it to Conway. After

leaving several messages with the Chichester store service manager and

having Jason the Conway manager try to get the process resolved I finally

nailed the Chichester manager down. He finally agreed to ship the part to

Conway without the credit which was fine with me.

2. I scheduled the complete 2 day process of install for the RV and Jeep on

a Friday and Saturday. Both my wife and I took the days off to do this. The

night before I got a call from Jason at the Conway store informing me that

they lost the part and it might be better to reschedule. I told him I was

keeping the appointments since our overnight sty and vacation days were

already arranged. I also told him to look again in hopes of finding it. A

$500.00 part should not disappear. Unfortunately it was not located so they

did what they could on the Jeep and the RV on the next day. I had also

asked to have the propane filled in the RV while that had it but I later

discovered that it was not filled.

3. Jason called to schedule a time to finish the Jeep since he managed to

locate a part elsewhere. It was on back order from Brakemaster so that was

a good thing. It was either that or they located the part that they lost. I

have 0 confidence in them so that is what I am thinking.

4. After working on the Jeep awhile they told me that it might not get

done. They asked who scheduled it and said that it should have been

scheduled for a different time. I gave them a nasty look and told them that

they needed to and I wasn't going to burn more vacation time. Ray ended up

working late on a very hot and humid day so that it got finished.

5. When I looked at the invoice and was about to present them with the

printouts I got online. They told me that they would charge me full rice

for the labor if I wanted the price match. I informed them that Brett in

Chichester told me no such thing and that they had that paperwork. That

just infuriated me even more since by this time I had enough of


6. I was told to go to the front of the store to pay my bill and I did so.

I got to the counter, the sales lady handed me some papers and said these

are your copies. I gave her the credit card for payment without going

through the papers since I have already reviewed the invoice earlier. As I

drove down the road the phone rang. Someone from the service desk asked me

rudely if I grabbed the work order papers? I asked, "from where," since I

only went to the cash. He told me they were on the counter and I must have

grabbed them, which sounded like he was implying I did it intentionally. I

told him that O took only what was handed to me and that he needed to check

with the sales lady. That needless to say had me burning up for the 1 1/2

hour ride home and then some.

I think this is about it and I thought it was better for me to wait a week

or so before sending this off. Gave me a chance to gather my thoughts in a

more presentable manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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