I have been working with Camping World for about a year and a half in the retail department. I want to apologize to anyone out there who has been mistreated and abused here.

I will say now the way you have been treated is about the same way some of us employees have been treated by the management. NOTHING is the way it seems. As you all know about the membership and club price if you have been in and bought stuff. My job has been threatened several times due to not getting memberships which is ridiculous this all of your money not mine I am not one to force anything upon all of you.

I love a lot of the customers that come in I am friends with most because I, unlike corporate and the mangers, know how the economy is and how hard we work to save our money for things we actually need. I have been spat at, cursed at, and on one occasion had someone throw stuff at me for not getting there way, but I am a simple employee following rules trying to keep my job so I can support myself. This corporation is a mess and they will run you in circles ALOT of the email and messages you have sent to corporate or our CEO Marcus end up right back to the place it started I have seen it first hand. I completely understand your frustration because even I, an employee, have been treated the same way.

But I will always be on everyones side and try to help the customer as much as possible because that is what I would want.

Oh and one more thing I was demoted at one point from Reception to a janitor all because I was out for a week in the hospital due to having pneumonia and they cut my hours too I ended up homeless for a little while, but I worked my way back up to retail, because I am not a quitter and I will never quit on my customers either. I'm sorry for all of your frustrations out there and please don't blame some of the employees, because like me we can't do much without managers and corporate breathing down our neck.

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