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Bought used 3912 Baystar Newmar 2010 at Garner NC location; First we were told a different price then later to find ad on craigs list listing the same RV for a lower amount. Very frustrating but Garner Camping world honored what the price was.

We recieved a call from Camping world to let us know our RV had been inspected, cleaned and ready for pickup; When we got there, this was not done; They took us to the site and they were just washing the RV. Gentlemen was inside going over the insides just touching the surfaces and was done within just a few minutes. After waiting for a period of time we finally left with the RV. After taking the RV directly home (45 min drive) parked it and started noticing a bad awful smell; My husband checked the holding tank to find it full; The sewage had not been dumped nor cleaned out.

We called Camping world and this what they offered, an apology and a gift card. Did not offer to fix the problem; We were scheduled to go on a trip and figured once we got to a dumping station this would resolve the situation, well it didnt'!!!! WE set a appt with Camping world of Garner to check out the problem. They have had our RV for over a week and I had to call them to get the results, ...

they told me dry sewage had backed up into the pipes from previous owner not taking care of this. I do realize this Newmar was used but it was new to us as (trying to be) proud owners. The smell was unbelievable!! I tried everything I could do to make the smell go away.

They kept telling us to put tablets in the tank and it would disolve the smell, NOT!! Furious?? yes we are! they should have never let us leave off the lot with sewage which is nothing but hazardeous to your health, bactieria thats build up in the pipes.

They acted as if this was of no concern. The ac is not working properly, we told them... they are stating there are no problem; Well..they are!! Heated RV never reach below 78, they said they were able to get it to go to 68.

Thats not right...something is defn wrong. WE are gettin ready to pick up the RV and we are not satisfied customers!

First to be told a bogus price, then to find it to be allot cheaper on craigs list, then to sell us a rv with someone else sewage and now will not make good of ac thats not working like it should. I'm sure you prob get many complaints but I can assure you our business with Camping world has left a bad sour taste in our mouths and we can assure you we were not pleased with the service we got!!!

  • Dried up sewage
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I would like to apologize for all the problems you have experienced. If able please send me a email with your contact information.

We would like help in this matter.



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