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I found a camper I liked and went with the deal. We were supposed to pick up the camper the next week.

Seems it was a scam the whole week. The Kept blaming everything on the bank. They said the bank wanted another 1000 down on top of the 3000 we put down, this is for a 10500 camper. Even with this the payment was going to go made no sense.

When I questioned them on it it suddenly went back to the original I thought. Seem they charge an additional rate on top of the banks rate.

In short just find somewhere else to go they are gonna *** every chance they get. they use every trick in the book.

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I just found this, what a joke rver and fulltimer are. You guys must work for camping world.

Reality check time:

How do you know these people have "bad credit" unless you have access to their folder?

Camping World's motto is simple, make as much off every deal as possible and the 2 of you know that. Do you really think camping world cares about their customers? This is a simple, repeatable business model.

Quote a rate and a down payment after the customer is approved. Then the customer tells their friends and family "hey, we're getting a camper!!!"

They then come to close the deal and the structure has changed. Fees that weren't there in the original quote have been added, causing the down payment to go up because banks only loan wholesale book, or sometimes 110 or 120% of book. That's why the down payment went up, banks don't change their approvals, it's against the law you couple of idiots..

When CW of Oakwood got the approval, they knew exactly what the bank approved. CW lied, period.

The rate went up because CW wanted to make more money on financing. Normally, they get 1% of the loan amount for every .25% they go up on the rate. if the bank offered 7% and CW charges 10%, then the F&I dept gets 4% of the loan amount.

At 10K, that's an extra $1200 on the deal and both you know that too. That's why the payment went up. And yes, I work in the rec business so I know it's a fact.

These people were treated exactly the way CW is set up to do business.

Quit defending this deplorable business model. Dealerships that operate with good ethics don't do this kind of ***. These people were trying to buy a product, they were approved and the terms were quoted. At that point, the lying that CW almost always does began.

BTW, I think the 2 of your responses violated the Pissed Consumer Terms & Conditions.

You implied someone has bad credit without admitting knowledge of the deal. Do the 2 of you know something that wasn't in the compliant?

to experienced #858675

Just for the record we had near perfect credit. We also went to another dealer in Middle Ga., got a better deal, better camper and no problems.

The guy that sold us the camper explained what camping world did as he used to work there. Yes they add their fees to the loan, not the bank. So for the employees of camping world posting as to my credit...try again, no problems there.

The problem is we were smart enough not to get screwed over by you. I should have known it was a bad deal the salesman smelled of a all night drinking binge.

to camping world ***ks #1260627

Yes camping world is a bunch of liars scam artist stay away


if you have bad credit and they still got you financed with a secondary lender with a highe rate and the payment stayed the same. They lowered the amount financed to give you the payment assuming good credit. no other way to do it.


Isn't like buying a car*, everyone needs cars, rvs are luxury items.


If you have bad credit then banks ask for more down and raise the rate, sounds like a secondary lender... Buying a camper isn't poor buying a car although why it all went back to the initial figure baffles me.

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