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My name is Eli Burbank. I purchased my first trailer ever about 30 days ago from Camping World of Draper, UT. Aka FreedomRoads, LLC. DBA of BLAINE JENSEN RV CENTERS, LLC (Kaysville, UT Camping World). It is a 2008 Jayco Jay Flight 28 BHS. I was very excited about the purchase, and deal that was being provided to me. When I took it out for the first time I was very excited to sleep in it. As we were preparing to make our bed, we discovered a very significant bed bug infestation. I attempted to call the store and received no response for several days. It wasn't until I went to the store again only to be treated in a very un-compassionate and inconsiderate manner. I JUST SPENT 13K CASH ON A TRAILER WITH BED BUGS FOR GOD SAKES. What if that was you? What if you took your family out only to become fearful for their well being in even sleeping in the trailer and questioning whether or not it is even safe to do so? I wasn't offered help in resolving the issue? I was offered a "detail" in which was half ***'d to begin with. A detail is not going to take care of bed bugs? I question how it wasn't noticed when doing the supposed PDI? I question if they did in fact notice it and proceeded with the sale anyway?

In effort of trying to fix the problem myself, I attempted to treat the issue as thoroughly as I could. Let off roughly 16 bombs in total. Sprayed everywhere, several times. This was all over the course of 1 week. Confident that I had solved the problem, I purchased a new mattress, and took the trailer out for the weekend. All seemed well. It wasn't until we woke up in the morning and immediately spotted a total of 5 more Bed Bugs crawling where we were laying. It was at that moment I decided this isn't something I want to deal with. This isn't something I'm going to deal with. This isn't something I should have to deal with.

I was then put in contact with the GM (Levi). When speaking with the GM, I informed him that based on the research I did on Bed Bugs that it was clear that before they could be completely eliminated that it would be an expensive and lengthy process. This is not what I paid 13k for. This is not something I should deal with. This should not be my problem. I informed him I didn't even want my money back, or to be a problem for anyone. I simply want a functional trailer that is worth the money that I paid. I'd even be willing to pay for a difference if necessary. He then tried to tell me they would take my trailer back in on trade for 3k less then what I paid for it, + the loss in taxes!!?? In otherwords, they wanted me to eat nearly 5k, + the difference of a different trailer accounting for a total out of pocket amount of 8k+. Are you F***ing kidding me? He then offered to "help" with extermination cost, or take it in on "consignment".. CONSIGNMENT? Otherwise admitting that they are perfectly fine with selling a trailer with bed bugs in it.

I then managed to get in contact with the "Regional Manager" for Utah (Brian Coon). At first, Brian seemed empathetic towards the situation. He said he would credit me back the amount I paid for my trailer towards the cost of a different one at a "0" deal. He told me to browse stock numbers and send him a few I was interested in. So I very carefully reviewed their inventory online and made some realistic selections based on what I was told. After sending him the selections, he then told me the same thing "Levi" did. That the minimum out of pocket I would pay was 8,500. I asked how that is possible when I sent a trailer as cheap as 14k? "Well, it would be a whole sale to whole sale deal". Meaning, they wanted to devalue my trailer down to 9k, when they sold it to me for 11,310. Otherwise going back on what he originally told me. At this time, I was told to come pick my trailer up following the extermination attempt that "supposedly" took place. I verified with the pest control company that atleast 3-4 more treatments will be necessary, and not gaurunteed. Which means I would be lucky to even be able to use the trailer this Summer. Assuming I want to try my luck and hope I don't accidentally spread the investation into my HOUSE!!!!!!!!

At first, I didn't want my money back. I wanted a functional trailer in which I was planning on buying in the first place. This is the most crooked, unethical thing I have ever witnessed. I realize "accidents" happen, IF that is what this was. However based on the offer for consignment, I doubt this was an accident. This seems to be calculated and planned from beginning to end. I will be fair, so long as I am treated fairly. Thus far, I have been treated anything but fairly. I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT IF I TURNED AROUND AND SOLD THIS TRAILER TO SOMEONE ELSE. Nor do I want my hard earned money going to waste. I ADVISE CAUTION IF YOU DEAL WITH THESE GUYS. DON'T END UP LIKE ME.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2008 Jayco Jay Flight 28 Bhs Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12750.

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