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Please, please read...if you dont want to get ripped off!!! Camping World and Good Sam has a good scam running here!After purchase of the RV the salesman tells me about the Good Sam Club extended service plan.

Tells me the ONLY time it is available is at this moment for the Good Sam premium coverage plan because the RV hasn't left the lot yet. Once it does it's not offered. He tells me the plan covers EVERYTHING! Tells me I would never having to pay for anything but brake pads for the brake system, and hoses, electrical, awning, door handles, everything I could imagine was covered except a hole in the awing or furniture not caused by manufacturing.

I asked about additional expenses, NONE! Only thing is if I had to call someone out because of something that made the RV immobile Good Sam would only go up to 250.00 for someone to come out, but all of what they did would be covered. I also MUST submit contract now with a credit card or pay in full at this time. The Good Sam Extended Service Plan IS NOT AVAILABLE once I leave the dealership.

I asked repeatedly. He said NO!

This was a Camping World which is suppose to be partnered or whatever with Good Sam.The plan sounded good even though it was quite expensive. Being new to rving with a new rv and having to go on the road quickly for a family emergency I decided to purchase it even though I didn't like the idea of not being able to think it over or having to attach a credit card. I didn't realize I was being so blatantly lied to.

Your instinct is to believe an established business right? They are Good Sams partners or however their technical association is. I asked him for a copy of what was covered so I would have it with me in the RV when we left. He hands me the little advertising brochure and tells me the paperwork will be mailed to me for this Good Sam extended warranty and all of the information would be fully explained there.

I should receive it in a few days.So we wait, the Good Sam credit card comes right away. We wait. Nothing comes for this Good Sam Extended Warranty and I have nothing - not even a claims number should something happen on the trip. NOTHING at all except this retail installment contract which when you go over it with a fine tooth comb once you visit the Good Sam website, you notice little things.So I went online to Good Sams to see if I could get a copy of what I was suppose to have.

I find out that apparently you can purchase these warranties after leaving Camping World. I didn't go into everything, but they offer quotes. They also had a sample warranty and what was covered by what plan.So now, not only was I lied to about the ability to purchase the extended service plan that covered nearly everything once I left, I was also lied to about what I was purchasing!!!! According to the retail installment contract he had me sign for the plan he told me I was purchasing, it did not include everything he told me it did according to the Good Sam website!!

His extended service plan was totally bogus according to the Good Sam website, except of course the money they would technically steal from me!!I believe I have not received anything because Camping World did not want me to find out yet I was ripped off from start to finish about this. I would have been able to purchase later AND what he told me was covered according to what he checked off on the installment contract does not match. The service agreement does not explain what is covered, but going through each of the things on the contract with what is on the Good Sam website, this contract IS NOT for what he told me I was purchasing.So I contacted Good Sam via chat on the website. I told him based on the retail installment contract I had in front of me I suspected there was a major problem and it looked like I was ripped off.

He was totally useless and I mean useless. The guy asks me what I purchased etc and wouldn't go any further. Kept wanting an email address and would have a manager contact me. I had to keep telling him we were getting ready to leave tomorrow and I needed something to take with me.

Email addresses wouldnt be checked soon. I didnt even have a claims number or anything. He said someone else would have to help me. I gave him my phone number.

It's been hours now and no one has contacted me yet. This only solidifies its all one big scam!!!This coverage is not worth it at all and I can see why they have to lie to sell it. On top of all the above after he told me there was no other expenses (except maybe of someone had to come to me, their service call if it was over $250.00) he marked a $250.00 deductible before any work can be done!Im sure he thought I would be an easy rip off being female, but I'm also a Veteran I don't like to be ripped off. I will fight tooth and nail when someone lied so extensively to me.

I think we all expect respect and honesty when dealing with businesses. I am so enraged right now that these 2 businesses are set up this way.

Not only do I have to deal with an impending death of someone very close, I have to deal with this before we hit the road! Good Sam should have addressed my issue immediately by calling me to find out what was wrong and then going to investigate.I'm not done with this, I might have been ripped off, but I will get my moneys worth advertising what they did to me and I will make a complaint with state officials and every where I can when I get back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Good Sam Club Rv Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5495.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lies on top of lies regarding good sam extended warranty.

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