I purchased three different campers from three different Camping World locations and have discovered nothing but a bunch of two faced liars in the Tampa location.

They had me drive from Homestead (South of Miami) and waste two trips to the dealership (Hundreds in fuel) - spending five days each time sitting in the parking lot, and they did not complete any of the promised work.

Finally, the sales manager Sean with some arrangement with the general manager came up with an ingenuous plan for the solution. They, Sean the sales manager and Camping World, come up with the Trick of the day and I fell for it. "Sean" I will reimburse you with gift certificates if you will go and get the work done elsewhere and this will save money because our shop rates are high and we are too busy right now.

Well, sounded good to me and my new wife of one month. Back home and finally a way to stop the leaks, fix the front end, the inverter, wiring, balance the wheels, and the list goes on and on of the problems that were promised to be fixed.

I come home, get the best deals I can to get the work done, pay hard cash for the work, and then the hiding began. Yep, Sean won't answer the phone, the receptionist puts me on hold and lies to me, and the main office "Wherever that is at" won't return calls either.

I am seeking the resolution in small claims court this week - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE - CROOKS - LIARS AND THIEVES.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Manager.

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