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We recently purchased a 2017 Keystone Raptor 428sp on June 7th. My husband and I were so excited.

The first camping trip was the next day. We got to the campsite, our friends were already there. Got everything hooked up and was ready to leave for dinner, when I passed by the 1/2 bath, close to the garage and water was pouring out of the toilet. We turned the water off and waited until the next morning to call Camping World.

Unable to use our bathrooms, we were using our friends facilities, we were very upset. Camping World did send someone to the campsite, but we had to wait 1/2 the day for them to show up. We had to cancel our pontoon rental we had planned with our friends. Then after everything was fixed, my husband went to take a shower and no hot water.

Basically our weekend was ruined, but wait it gets better. We were told that Camping World would come and pick our camper from our house to fix the issues. Needless to say we were called and told the truck to haul or camper was broken. So my husband had to take off on work on Saturday to deliver the camper.

In constant contact with Rob Lyons, General Manager, everything was set for the camper to be delivered back to us on Wednesday, June 20th, since we were going camping for our 33rd wedding anniversary on June 22nd. Then I receive a call from Rob stating that there was a freak accident and our camper was hit by another camper coming into a bay near ours. It punctured the nose of the front of the camper. Rob, thinking this was funny, said well I guess we are putting on the traileze air suspension system for free!

He also told us he would fiberglass the hole over and we would have our camper back on Thursday the 21st in order for us to still be able to camp. Thursday came and I contacted Rob and he said everything was on schedule and the camper will be there a little after 4pm. As you know 4pm goes by, 5pm goes by, and no word from anyone. So I text Rob and he calls and says the truck broke down that was delivering our camper and they would deliver it on Friday.

Still planning on our camping trip, I get a call from Rob telling me that the delivery truck wrecked, not with our camper though. So we had to cancel our anniversary camping trip and my husband drove to Richmond Indiana to pick our camper up. Our camper was there for 4 days and not everything was fixed, plus to replace the whole nose piece it was 4 to 6 weeks to get the new piece. We have requested to Rob that we want to switch out the 2017 Raptor to the 2018 Raptor that's on their lot.

He told me they can't do that. You are the General Manager you can do what is necessary to keep your customer happy. Right now we are not happy! You damaged our $80,000 toy hauler and even though you are going to fix it, as many times as we have been lied to, I can't trust that it would be fixed on time and correctly.

It seems like once they sell you something they don't care if you are happy, or not. I even called customer service, and to date, no call back.

Please read this before you buy a camper from them, so you don't end up like us.

Deborah and Brian

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Keystone Rv Raptor 428Sp Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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