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Update by user Nov 06

Emailed Jason Shipley at corporate on Oct. 25.

No response.

No response from my local Camping World since Oct. 18.

Update by user Oct 08

UPDATE: 10.08.19 I am not seeing a place to upload audio recordings. Audrey from Camping World called at 11:22 am and asked me to explain my experience.

She told me that she was contacting her Reginal Manager to have him look at the work order to see if the slides were actually removed. I told her there was no way of knowing if they were removed based on only looking at a piece of paper. She told me that the Regional Manager would be in contact with her and she would call me back. Audrey called back at 12:09 pm and let me know that since this was an insurance claim that there was nothing that could be done.

I told her that it being an insurance claim had nothing to do with falsely charging for something that wasn't completed. She told me that she would call her Regional Manager back and also call Camping World in Calera and speak with Lance, the Service Department Manager.Audrey called back at 12:49pm to tell me that she spoke with Lance and he reassured her that the slides did in fact come out. I told her again what the tech said that actually worked on my unit. She asked for his name and I didn't have it.

I described him in detail to her and asked her why she didn't describe him to Lance so that ance could tell her who he was. She told me that she was calling Lance back to tell him my description and would call me back.Audrey called back at 12:59 pm. She described the guy that I told her told me that the slides were not removed and Lance knew immediately who is was. His name is Jeremy.

Jeremy said that the only thing he talked to me about was my "hot water tank." Which is total crap. We didn't bring the camper in for a water tank issue, we don't have a water tank issue nor was a water tank even talked about with the now, Jeremy. The fact that I fully described a conversation with one of there techs, in addition, to accurately describing the tech without a name only for him to be able to tell me who he was, just floors me. Audrey told me that since it was a "he said she said" issue that they were unable to resolve my issue.This company is just as crooked as every review on this page says they are.

I have contacted their CEO, Marcus Lemonis 3 times at 3 different email addresses and he has yet to contact me. This man says that "he's not happy if you're not happy." He cares nothing about doing the right thing to make his customers...ex-customers happy.

Update by user Oct 08

Update: 10.08.19 Audrey from Camping World called and we went back and forth over a few different phone calls. They will be uploaded to the site.

Update by user Oct 07

Update as on 10.07.19. I have messaged with Camping World via their FB chat 4 times since 09.23.19.

None to which they have responded back to without being prompted by myself with a follow-up email. The latest reply was from 10.02.19 with the response and I quote "Let us know if you do not hear back from someone in the near future."

Original review posted by user Sep 23

I initially spoke with Gary, in your Service Dept., (Calera, AL) about having our wear bars repaired on August 12, 2019, at 11:30 am. After he suggested I file a claim with my insurance company, I called him back that same day at 11:55 am to let him know that my insurance company would be faxing over an assignment/assessment sheet for him to fill out with a quote.

I spoke with him on August 14th at 8:20 am to see if the insurance company had sent him what he needed and they had not. I gave him my claim number and asked when we could bring it in. He said that he needed to check to see how soon they could get to it and would let me know the next day. I asked him to let me know if they could get to it by Labor Day weekend, because we would be leaving to go out of town.

He said that it was an 18-hour labor job so it wouldn’t be a problem. He never called me back so I called him on August 16th at 9:19 am for an update. I asked again when I could bring it in and he said he needed to check with the Parts Dept. to see if the parts were in stock and would call me back that afternoon.

Again, he never called me back.

We came into the store on Saturday, August 17th and spoke with Thomas Lowery. Thomas didn’t have any information because there was not a work order that had been started. He only knew about it because I had emailed him the week before to ask what the name of the part was called. I called back on August 19th at 1:09 pm and spoke with Gary.

He said that the parts would be in on Wednesday, August 21st, for me to bring it on Tuesday so they could start working on it Wednesday when the parts came in. I asked him again if it would be ready for our trip and he replied, “not a problem.”

We dropped it off Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm. On August 24th at 10:49 am, I called and was transferred to Nathan’s voicemail, in the Service Dept. I left him a message asking for an update on the repairs.

I never heard back from Nathan so I called back at 3:28 pm and spoke directly to Nathan. He said that he was walking down to the lot to show a couple a camper and would call me back in about an hour. It is now 5:52 pm and I called to ask what time the Service Dept. closed and was told 6 pm.

I asked to be transferred to an actual person and not a voicemail. Nathan picked up. He said that he had no information on my camper because it has not been entered into their system. I told him that they have had my camper since Tuesday (it's now Saturday evening) and asked why nothing is even imputed to even show that they had it.

He said the only thing he saw was a sticky note with my name and camper model on it. He told me that Gary would be at work on Sunday, August 24th with a skeleton crew. I asked Nathan to transfer me to Gary’s voicemail. I left him a voicemail asking for an update and also mentioned that Nathan said he would be in the next day and for him to call me.

Gary did not call me at all on Sunday.

Camping World has no records of my camper even being there, except for what has been written on a sticky note. I called on August 26th at 1:14 pm because I had not heard back from Gary. He, again, told me that he needed to check to see if the parts were in and also needed to send my insurance company the quote. Camping World has had my camper for almost a week and no one has bothered to contact me.

For the third time, I asked Gary if I was going to have it back before Thursday evening for our Labor Day trip, again, he said it "wouldn't be a problem." Before I got off the phone with him, he said he would call me tomorrow.

As of 2:40 pm, on August 27th, I have not heard from Gary. My insurance company called me to say that they still have not received the paperwork needed from Camping World. I called at 2:41 pm and left a voicemail for Gary letting him know that they are still in need of the assessment sheet. I also told him that today was my last day to cancel my reservation for Labor Day weekend and for him to let me know for sure if the camper would be ready.

Nathan called me back at 3:15 pm...Nathan, not Gary. He told me that the incorrect part was ordered and that my parts won't be here until the middle of next week. I asked him to transfer me to Gary so that I could speak with him directly. Gary suggested that they install one of the incorrect wear bars to our camper just so that we could still go on our trip and then bring it back after we returned.

I was shocked that putting incorrect parts on my camper would even be suggested. I also asked as to why my insurance company hasn't received any of the paperwork yet and he said that someone was supposed to be getting that done today. He told me on August 26th he was sending it as we spoke. He also mentioned that when he called my insurance company that he would wait to speak with someone instead of leaving a voicemail.

So, 4 times I have been told it wouldn't be an issue getting my camper back in time, plus being told on the 19th by Gary that my parts were being delivered on August 21st, only to have them be ordered AFTER that date and arriving today on the 27th.

Camping World has now had my camper for a week. That is a week of no one doing any work to the camper, a week of no one calling me to let me know anything regarding the camper, a week of being told that Gary would call me back and he doesn't. I have now had to cancel my plans and lose my deposit all because Camping World did not do what they said they were going to do.

Nathan called me back at 4:16 pm on August 27th and said that there was a camper on the lot that had wear bars similar to our camper and that they were going to remove them from that camper and install those wear bars in my camper. I told him under no circumstances did I want used parts in my camper.

Those wear bars could easily be in the same condition as ours was when we purchased our camper from Camping World and I was not going to be in the same situation that I am in now, just a few months down the road. I told him that I would wait for the correct parts to come in so that they could install them. While I had him on the phone, I asked about the roller kit that Gary said would be installed. Gary said that the wear bars in those models were faulty and broke/cracked easily and that when Camping World installed new bars that they were also installing roller kits to prolong the life of the bars.

Nathan confirmed what Gary said about the wear bars and also said that Camping World was installing them at their expense. He also said that he didn't see anything in regards to a roller kit on the work order, but would check on it and get back with me. As of the time I sent this letter, I had not heard back from Nathan.

After I was told that the incorrect part could be used “until” I get back from vacation or the suggestion of taking a used part and installing it, I don’t even trust now that I will get new parts on my camper. I would like reassurance and proof from you in writing that the parts that are being put on my camper are new and from the factory and also the exact parts and pricing that you are billing my insurance company for.

This experience has been extremely frustrating and in no way professional.

There should have never been a time that someone said they would contact me back and didn’t. We still have 3 years left of an extended warranty and I want to make sure that I won't have these same issues in the future. With that being said, every time that I did speak with Gary, he was very polite.

Due to this experience, my vacation being cancelled and me being out my deposit, I would like to know what Camping World is going to do to compensate me regarding my deductible for this transaction.

August 27th at 7:16 pm, I sent an email to Freddy Fehr and also copied CEO Marcus Lemonis with the email address (marcus@campingworld.com) that he provided someone on another forum. Freddy immediately replied and in his reply, also copied Marcus at another email address (MLemonis@campingworld.com) as well as the entire service depart (CLE_Service@campingworld.com).

He said that he would call me the next day with information regarding the ETA of my parts. The next afternoon (Wednesday), he did contact me with information regarding my parts. He told me that the parts would be in on Wednesday (which was the same day he called me) at the latest Thursday. He said it would take about 1-2 hours to install the wear bars and I should be able to go on my trip.

I explained to him that it was Wednesday already and that the parts would not actually be there until Thursday, Friday at the latest. I let him know that our trip had already been canceled and we had already lost our deposit. I questioned him regarding the labor hours he quoted of 1-2 hours because I was told 18 hours. He said that it shouldn’t take that long but would get with the Service Department and call me back.

I never heard back from Freddy.

August 28th, Lance Hunter called and told me that Gary no longer worked there and that he was filling in for him. Lance told me that when the part came in on Thursday that he would personally take a picture of the wear bars in their shipping packages and send them to me to reassure that the parts are new. He did say that he would get the roller kit ordered for our camper. I didn’t hear from Lance on the 28th or the 29th so my husband stopped by on the 29th after work, around 3:51 pm.

He spoke with Layne and was told that our parts were delivered at 1:20 pm on the 29th. Layne walked back to the back and said that there was a package with the wear bars in it and a box with the roller kit.

I get a call from Lance on Monday, Sept. 2 at 9:48 am saying that he spoke with one of the techs and was told that a roller kit on our camper would be pointless because the way our slides comes out that they’d never really touch the rollers. He wanted to make sure with me first before he ordered them.

The same roller kit that my husband was told was already delivered on Friday. I told him to go ahead and repair the wear bars without the roller kit, based off of what he had just told me. I also let him know that I never received a picture from him with our parts. He said that he would go right then and take a picture and send it to me.

At 10 am, I received a text from Lance (361) 727-XXX with a picture of the wear bars laying on the floor. I asked him a question regarding the insurance and he didn’t have the answer so he said that he would have Nathan call me. At 10:34 am, Nathan called and spoke with me about my question regarding labor. He told me that they billed the insurance company for 30 hours of labor.

I told him that Gary quoted me 18 hours at $135 an hour and that the front wear bar would run $125 and the back, $85. He let me know that they had just pulled the camper into a bay so they could start working on it. He also said he would fax me over the itemized quote that he sent to the insurance company. I never received anything.


3 at 2:16 pm, Nathan called to say that the camper was ready. The camper was taken back at 10:34 am to start work. Between 10:34 and 2:16 pm, there is no way there were 26.5 hours of labor done within your business hours. I don’t care that they are “book hours.” You finished a job in half that time and you charged for the entire 26.5 hours.

I called my insurance company to let them know and was told that since the check had already been sent out that the claim was closed. I called Nathan back to discuss the extra labor and he said that he would get with Lance but he did have a note from Gary that he quoted “20 hours labor” on. Nathan called me back at 5:12 pm and said that Lance said that there was nothing he could do regarding the extra labor that wasn’t done. So, for a job that I was quoted $2,640 but no more than $3,000 for, my insurance company was billed $3,914.60.

That is almost $1,000 more than what I was originally quoted.

I emailed Freddy Fehr on Sept. 9 to let him know that we would be in the next day to pick the camper up. He copies Nathan and the service department in the email and Nathan replied that they would have it ready to go. Sept.

10, around 3:45 pm, we arrived to pick the camper up. We walked down to what Nathan called “the campground” where the camper was parked to look over it. I noticed a large amount of water around the camper and noticed that the air conditioner was running. Nathan met us down there and I asked how long the camper had been plugged in and the air on.

Not only had the camper been plugged in and the air on since 9 am, the air was set to 52 degrees on a 99-degree day, which means that our air had been running non stop all day. We looked over the wear bar and brought the slides in, all worked fine. I noticed the trim that was popped out of place when the wear bar broke had not been fixed. Nathan went back up to the store and came back with a technician.

While Nathan was gone, I took the cushions off of the dinette and noticed that the dinette was not screwed back into place. The screws were there, but they were not screwed into the holes. When the technician came back with Nathan, we brought an air compressor to fix the trim. Nathan had gone back outside to the forklift that moves the campers, to get the touch-up pens for the wood.

I asked the technician if the trim was removed and he replied, “We didn’t have to remove the trim.” Now, I have been told since day 1 that the slides had to be removed and that the trim had to be removed to do so. Gary even told me that he placed an order for a new trim package for when mine was removed because he said that they just “rip it off and most of the time, it breaks.” I asked the technician how they replaced the wear bar and he told me that all they had to do was remove the 2 end pieces of the dinette, which explains why my dinette was not screwed back into place. This means that I was billed labor hours for my slides to be removed and in fact, they were not. I have already contacted my insurance company regarding this and was asked to contact Camping World directly for assistance first and that if I didn’t have any luck to contact them and they would go through the proper steps regarding insurance fraud.

So, I am asking for the labor that was charged for the front slide and rear slide to be returned to me.

There is also a sign in the service department that says that if you’re a Good Sams Member that you get $10 off an hour for labor. I also did not receive this discount as well.

At no point has Camping World tried to work with me regarding this disaster. There has been nothing but “the passing of the buck.” Nathan has been the only person to apologize for my troubles and he had absolutely nothing to do with it. I honestly wish I had read the reviews about the Service Department before I even decided to use Camping World.

The whole point in having the wear bars replaced was to trade in our camper on a new one.

I had been speaking with Dorian and once the camper was completed, we were trading it in at Camping World for a new one. This will no longer be the case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $2973.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Camping World Pros: Location.

Camping World Cons: No communication and wasted days in service, Not being contacted when told i would be several times, Insurance fraud, Dishonesty regarding labor charges.

  • dishonest
  • Insurance Fraud
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